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  1. Yeah, I agree! This is way to weird. It is too bad that people act that way! Talk to ya soon-Rachelle
  2. Hey Kristen! So Cool! I am glad that Ian is working with both of us. I am sure that it will work out great for all of us! Thanks for the warm thoughts and positive energy. Have a wonderful day!-Rachelle :D
  3. Thanks-Will look into it.
  4. Is that comment necessary? It is my understanding that we are all here in this community to help and support each other regardless of how many questions asked or complaints posted. It is also my understanding that this message board is for everyone including the ones that are new or experienced. So if I make an new friend here and can help them at the same time, Great! What more could I ask for? By the way Amanda-I hope that You have a wonderful day too!-Rachelle Robin
  5. Thanks Kristen-I will let you know. Have a wonderful Day!-Rachelle
  6. Hi, I thought that I explained that. It didn't work anyway. sorry to confuse anyone.-Rachelle
  7. Well, the solution that I thought that I had did not work. I am really glad that I backed up my database before I even tried to work with this. I thought I followed the directions but all that I got were errors and it messed up my web site. Maybe I instered the addons in the wrong areas or maybe I installed it in the wrong spot. I'm not sure. I would still like some help with this-please. Thanks Rachelle Robin
  8. Hi, again, everyone; I have found (I believe) how to install the easy discount module. but now I have another problem. When I installed it and tried to open it all that is there is symbols, weird letters ect. Did I do it right? Did I put it in the right place? Just a little more guidance please. Thanks Rachelle Robin
  9. Hi Kristen, I will certainly keep you in the loop! Have a great day-Rachelle
  10. Ok! I am willing to pay someone to help me with this. If any of you know someone who is willing to help me with this then please contact me. It's getting close the the christmas season and I would really like to get this in place soon. I would really, really appricate it! Thanks-Rachelle Robin
  11. Hi everyone. I would really appreciate some help with this. I am really new to the web owner buisness and have no clue where to install this module. I want to give my new customers a 10% discount on their first order and when they refer someone to our store they will get another 10% off of their next order (of course their friend will need to make a purchase also.) Will someone please hold my hand through this? Thank You so very much! Rachelle Robin