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  1. I installed image attributes module and when i go to admin here http://www.mysite.co.uk/catalog/admin/options_images.php and i find some options enabled which can be editted and images uploaded but at the same time i do not find some important options enabled when i choose them from top drop menu.I am using these options in my site before installing this module. From options enabled i mean which can be editted and images uploaded and others do not give me option to upload image as they show nothing when i choose them from drop menu at top. Am i doing something wrong. From where can i enable all existing options so i could upload images and they show as image attributes in my site.
  2. I have installed options as images module and it is working fine but some of the options here:- http://www.mydomain.co.uk/catalog/admin/options_images.php are not showing as image despite they are being used in site and i have changed its value from old drop menu to radio button also which now shows as radio button in website but by no means i can upload images for these options as when i select it from drop menu at top then it says:- You currently have Options as Images enabled for the following options categories: where i do not find the one which i want to edit. Please advise from where can i enable them so my required options could be edited as image option..
  3. I have installed all manufacturers contribution but my manufacturer's are more than fourty and my manufacturer column is very very long with images.Any chance i could show ten at a time by adding scrollbar to my box. How can i do it please.
  4. i am looking to install mini store in my oscomerce MS2 site.I want to have same categories as my main store but different manufacturers which i could allocate to different mini stores.the idea is that one retailer may not cover whole industry so manufacturers i am not dealing with could also be covered and earned commission on sales generated by other mini stores. Can some one help to install this module which should be bug free.I am ready to pay through paypal.Any ideas and comments will also be appreciated as if there is any other option more suitable for me.
  5. I am making a website through which i will be providing service worldwide or at least to places where paypal operates and those are about 55 countries. Can any one tell me that if you provide such services then am i authorise to charge any tax all over the world and if yes then which oscommerce contribution suits the most for this kind of operation which fits the need. Your reply will highly be appreciated please.
  6. luqi

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    I am facing problem of having control over suppliers invoices which are duplicated at times and overlooked at times when they are due.All i need is if this module can solve following :- Suppliers invoices track Suppliers amount paid and to be paid. Customers payment track Vat payable. If some one who has used it and can reply to above then it will be appreciated please. Regards. luqi
  7. Can any one tell me please that is there any attribute contribution which allows you to charge on percent bases.I mean to say that on selecting that option from drop menu it allows you to charge on percent bases basing on price of the product.If not available then can any one make it please. help will be appreciated.
  8. luqi

    HSBC secure-epayment module

    I have my module installed by Mr Leon who has actually created this module from scratch and he has now very professionaly installed it in my site and it is working great.My special thanks to Mr Leon who is fully recommended and after that lynda gets the credit for all this who very generously contributed it to oscom ,the only problem i am facing is too many pop ups asking "you are entering from non secure area to secure area to do want to proceed" or some thing like this which seems annoying for customers and if it comes once only then it is fine but 6 to 7 times is little too much. Can any one help and let me know how you got rid of this problem as Mr Leon told me that it is hard coded and because your theme designer didn't realize that the shop could be under SSL and there are hardcoded links to images using http:// instead be relative. To solve this problem,contact your theme designer. In the light of above please reply as i do not have any web designer and have been using free lancers in the past. Help will be appreciated please.
  9. luqi

    EPDQ module errors

    I do not know much but have epdq installed and have done sale for over half a million sofar in one year and module is working fine.If you need i can send you four files may be they are different from the one in oscom contributions and because it was installed by a private company and not by oscom contribution. Cheers.
  10. Can any one tell me please that how can i change dollars sign showing into pounds though value shown is correct but only sign required is ? instead of $. Secondly profit shown is 30% what if i want to fix it to 10%.please help and oblige.
  11. I have installed auto log in contribution and have suffered heavy loss because of this contribution as for the last one month ever since it was installed i was looking that while navigating my site all of suuden i see broken link and page can not be displayed.It was mainly happening when clicking on catalog link.Secondly any one clicking on my Google paid banner will see exactly the same as page can not be displayed instead of opening my site and if customer clicks back button then my site would open but not straight away ,which i came to know after one month when my sale was dropped to one tenth of the usual sale.I have however switched it off after looking at this forum where i picked this idea that it can be switched off.I have learnt it through hard way so please be careful before installing it and any upgrade or work on this bug will be appreciated please.
  12. luqi

    Department Specific Contact Us

    This contribution is very close to the one i thought should be introduced in oscom.The idea is that in drop down menu there should be provision to insert manufacturer's email addresses.In information box instead of contact us there should be brochure hotline .Customer choosing the company name and entering address details on clicking continue button should be able to send email direct to choosed manufacturer and not to store owner(optional).This process should be so much covered that customer even does not know that his email is sent to manufacturer and not to store owner.This will reduce lot of work and so many emails being received daily for brochures can be avoided.It will definately enhance company's impression as manufacturer's are very quick and active in sending catalogs. Any one with knowledge please come forward and contribute as i have no knowledge of what i am talking about but i can assure it makes sense. Many thanks. Luqi
  13. luqi

    Barclays -ePDQ

    I have epdq module fully functional and i am using it for the last 6 months and getting all orders in epdq.Probably it is the most comprehensive module if you compare it to all above or any other contribution given here.BUT-there is a small problem that few orders ,you can say 10% orders do not appear in admin though payment with barclays show.I have pin pointed the problem after lot of efforts and it has revealed that there is a very small change required in the sequence of posting data and any one with php codes knowledge will easily find out in the light of Barclays email sent to me that what is actually needed.Since i am absolutely new and have no idea of php codes so can not resolve it.I request if some one can spare an hour or so then this can become a perfact module as other than this i can guarantee that it is fully functional and i have sold worth half million pound products through this module and epdq and nothing is wrong with it.If some one can come forward then i can send whatever files are required as i can only cut and paste and send them to you and you can then give it a final shape.I can assure you that it is going to benefit community a lot. With best regards Luqi.
  14. luqi

    ePDQ payment module v1

    *Please upload this to contributions* I want to draw your attention to a problem where epdq module installed in my shop about six months back is found substandard because of the reason that orders do not reach in admin and that is with 20% orders.All the times i have to call customers and ask them what product they had ordered. It happens because payment details reach epdq but order details are not posted back to admin by epdq or are missed due to some reason .Have you overcome this problem by any chance or is it in your knowledge as it will help other customers if you fix this bug or feel that you have already fixed it.Please reply and oblige as if your module is ok then i would like to change it with yours. Regards