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  1. Hi all im glad to announce the release of v1.4.5 09/27/2007 v1.4.5_CCS (ropu) - Added Carrier Calculated Shipping Support (CCS)!! ( - Added Sandbox and Production id/key config in Admin UI - Added SANDBOX string to the payment method in order page for orders processed with GC using sandbox. - Added a warning under the GC Button when in Sandbox mode. - Added a warning in the Payment Modules page in the Admin UI when in Sandbox mode. - Disalbe merchant Calculation Shipping methods from the Admin UI by setting Default value to 0. - Added Google Checkout Custom Order States that match Google Checkout ones. (Check INSTALLATION, an SQL must be run to update old GC order status) - Check for non-valid state changes - Allow product categories to use GC as checkout system - Added Cart Expiration - Check for correct configure.php defines to avoid shipping module inclusion errors - Added a configuration to disable GC button for specific product categories (double check - Send Zencart's Credentials to new customers created with GC - If AutoCharge is enabled in GC, a whole Digital purchase is processed without merchant intervention. - Use updated PHP Sample code - Changed PHP Sample code parser classes names to avoid complicts (XMLParser -> CG_XMLParser, XMLBuilder -> CG_XMLBuilder) - Added Cancel Order feature. - Added shipping_methods_uk.php with UK pre-configured shipping methods. - Admin UI configuration regroupment - Added Recommended Default Values to Shipping_generator You can get it from here: or,4556 Check this post for more info Note: For official forum support check thx ropu
  2. hi this post will solve the issue ropu
  3. Hi i've been reading ur posts regarding the shut down of the GC thread. ive sent a PM to Herald to know the reason why was shutdown. And i see that u have knowledge and will to help with this module. I'll be very happy if u contact me and send me ur suggestion and thoughts about that. All the community help is very appreciated. the final idea of this module is that is community self-maintained... hope some day we can achieve this. but right now, GC is growing a lot, and only has one year. many new functionalites and features are coming. is also true that GC is a Different payment method, but remember that its not JUST a payment method, but an alternative checkout method, so many OSC functionalites are done by google, making integration more difficult that any other payment module. regarding support i thought that the GGroup is a better solution since that monster thread with 2000+ post was impossible to follow and more difficult to response, some mondays i found with 50+ post un aswered!! As from last week i had one extra person that will help me, not just in the development of the code, but with support. right now i've been working with lots of thing, and i couldnt response as fast as i wolud like, i spent almost 50% of my time in forums, thats too much. again, i'll be very happy if i can count with ur help to make a better GC module for OSC. with suggestion, feedback, support or some code. im really open! thx in advance, ropu
  4. hi all please have a look to this post, ive updated the code to support ssl in GA without any warnings hope this helps ropu
  5. hi docwisdom please refer your questiond to the official thread so you can have better and faster answers ropu
  6. Hi DorianJ, is good to hear that is working in an other commerce :D For future questions please refer to the official thread for a better and faster answer ropu