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  1. Have got this sorted. Ended up using a different zip tool. For other Mac users with this issue, try Unarchiver.app instead of the standard Archive Utility.app.
  2. Wondering if the file uploaded on 11May2014 for Supertracker 3.5 for OSC 2.3.1. http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8056 is corrupted? I can't get it to unzip properly. (I am using a Mac and have tried both the archive utility & terminal without any luck) Thanks!
  3. sbetto

    [Addon} Modular SEO Header Tags

    Thanks Jim, I have reinstated the original oscommerce canonical and all looks good.
  4. sbetto

    [Addon} Modular SEO Header Tags

    Hi, I am using osc with V1.4.6 of this mod and everything thing appears to be working as expected except I am seeing the duplicate canonical issue. I can see by reading through this topic that others have been able to fix this issue and wondering if the code to fix the bug is available in a release I have overlooked? V1.4.4 has a canonical fix but thinking the solution that fixed Razgre duplicate issue (May 2012), is not V1.4.4 as it was released Feb2012. I have tried the link 'code is here' above however its gobbledegook. I have been through my code several times and uninstalled the canonical component but no luck. In saying that though I could have easily overlooked something. My canonical looks like - <link rel="canonical" href="http://www.barefootmaternity.com.au/http://www.barefootmaternity.com.au/?cPath=" /> Thank you for this awesome add-on. The comprehensive installation and configuration guide made the whole install relatively straightforward for someone who understands only very basics. :)
  5. sbetto

    View Counter

    I am seeing an error fairly frequently, but not all the time - View Counter - Monitor with the options Show Visitors , Active Only & Related checked: Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'invalid data, remaining: g7NTKuX7-iKfHJCUqH_COZlkPDllSVBQUKA5fE2BcvKMNETaERAJH5QnEYnp8pj2YgQPVr1gDjgm_Vyiek-2uk13gq-XCVyeJXSKc5LRnHZwQN1C9GsOYO1InoP49o7fLrJ4stIJVAZsorEctXfSW5PWx-7EtE786u8GIMtH3byTtYWLMKCWH1CD-h2oHpP7h9zBgdDGBQWvww1hxBw-UqeyOHwLIVmJ5DVS6Equ7QyGKJ_6k0AL4P0rBSaRdlhs6W81VfjGEqJRG4CdYKvMejQWJlZulmC2WnGnoeiewmQHHjOJ4rXl9B2R7HgDlfFp1FFDZOT2yNMx8S6QZaYK14JLWf3S5erDd5YAsuKevguaoXMF9-LyF1yVVz0JVdjlCDlCdLjBft23yJXlzDYjyxVdIHrqRTgil4yAhb8UM4nAQ97dd_IYmTCAQtTzMhLeQvEhPerU4RpcX72Mp4BtI86QgTEskBAQQHMxzXZ7ds7034r114vfvYfOuSG4nNmbzbeHxKgfUlyq3EgaZPgIRdSL71gIUndDV9HS5LUDxDYDsybVLZdTPPnTClJsZmy9DuWD6mGNtRkFg2cXYqVZlGeUv2bmLMVAAywIyVTri-Jmx49Q3VDgD1hKK3Ejs5uqJYhaCXR_MdgszyXpc9nVoSYcBdF-1oaPEE6kutiNjOA9XEh7stm17X7ghbbZ1spfB_iQHHXdOC3f5YyJ0rUOo5lbn11fnBK9qHwGakzQtYLeYugBqZRR36Y54nWDDdVWEfzkwav7CGxdq_6bZVwU1IqfyuPu2m0GvRY5Rm-r0TZFguFlwxf0F9dcFz7MuelRisyFBpreC-XQ6EL_haU8jpJBdnfD1LeU1nOM4096vDFaN2pq4ljsSKHuqXRIIXMqc7w5JgFeaOxgPS_Gi07UsSNUe4gN-d5Xg1O0AN0905eNw0dFq_vWsQTDR6 in /home/bare2385/public_html/*****/includes/functions/view_counter.php on line 1737 I am using Osc v2.3.3.4 . Wondering if I have messed up the install somehow or have done something wrong with the view_counterDB.bin?? English (access count for last 24 hours is 442)
  6. Did you find out the answer to this? Its got me stumped too.
  7. sbetto

    One Page Checkout Support

    Do I need to install a special free shipping module in order to have free shipping with one page checkout? My regular checkout works fine so when a customer purchases a gift voucher they go through payment & checkout without the shipping module appearing, and without being charged postage (I use flat rate postage). I have gift vouchers set up with Product Model # GIFT, Products Weight # 0.00. And Config/Download set to True. I have one page checkout set up with FALSE in the dont show shipping and handling if product weight = 0 . When I activate one page checkout, the shipping info shows when I go to purchase a gift voucher.......is this issue something to do with my setup/install?? Does it matter my Products Weight # 0.00 has a decimal place? I should probably mention I also have Gift Voucher/Credit Class installed. Appreciate your thoughts!
  8. I too had a similar error 'there was an error setting payment method, please inform....' - it turned out to be a simple fix in catalog/includes/classes/onepage_checkout.php find /* Comment line below for oscommerce versions before MS2.2 RC2a */ $confirmation = $GLOBALS[$payment]->confirmation(); /* Uncomment line below for oscommerce versions before MS2.2 RC2a */ //$confirmation = $GLOBALS[$payment]->selection(); change it to /* Comment line below for oscommerce versions before MS2.2 RC2a */ //$confirmation = $GLOBALS[$payment]->confirmation(); /* Uncomment line below for oscommerce versions before MS2.2 RC2a */ $confirmation = $GLOBALS[$payment]->selection(); More details on the support thread for one page checkout - http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/333292-one-page-checkout-support/page__st__2160__gopid__1574405#entry1574405
  9. sbetto

    One Page Checkout Support

    After installing this contribution I got the error 'there was an error setting payment, ' when I selected my credit card payment option. No additional credit card boxes appeared so I was unable to complete credit card number, name, expiry etc. If I pressed okay on the error & continue on the checkout page the credit card boxes did eventually appear. This issue is also detailed in post #1952 on page 98, however not the piece of code that fixed my error. Thanks to Steve, my error was fixed changing the code: in catalog/includes/classes/onepage_checkout.php find /* Comment line below for oscommerce versions before MS2.2 RC2a */ $confirmation = $GLOBALS[$payment]->confirmation(); /* Uncomment line below for oscommerce versions before MS2.2 RC2a */ //$confirmation = $GLOBALS[$payment]->selection(); change it to /* Comment line below for oscommerce versions before MS2.2 RC2a */ //$confirmation = $GLOBALS[$payment]->confirmation(); /* Uncomment line below for oscommerce versions before MS2.2 RC2a */ $confirmation = $GLOBALS[$payment]->selection();
  10. sbetto

    Recover Cart Sales

    Hi midijay, I experienced this issue too and think I have resolved the issue (at least all appears to be working for me now :-) I have V2.23a dated 1DEC2008 installed but am using the file recover_cart_sales.php (catalog/admin) from the 2.0a version dated 11JAN2011 with a change to where the email is sent. I have replaced the code at around line 308 in catalog/admin/recover_cart_sales.php Replaced this code below: //tep_mail($custname, $outEmailAddr, EMAIL_TEXT_SUBJECT, $email, STORE_OWNER, EMAIL_FROM); //Let's build a message object using the email class $mimemessage = new email(array('X-Mailer: osCommerce')); // add the message to the object $mimemessage->add_text($email); $mimemessage->build_message(); $mimemessage->send($custname, $outEmailAddr, '', EMAIL_FROM, EMAIL_TEXT_SUBJECT); With this code: tep_mail('', $outEmailAddr, EMAIL_TEXT_SUBJECT, $email, STORE_OWNER, EMAIL_FROM); *** please note I am no expert in this code but this did work for me to at least get the emails sending. (I found info on this forum helpful - http://www.oscmax.com/forums/oscmax-v2-customization-mods/19425-cant-send-email-recover-cart-sales-2-22-a-2.html) I have not experienced any other fallout as a result of this change as yet but there could well be as its early days of this install for me. Cheers, Sarah
  11. sbetto

    Google Analytics module

    Hi Scott, I have tried installing this piece of code without success - prior to adding this code, I could see ecommerce tracking in GA but only the last product in a multi product order was showing. With this code I am no longer seeing ecommerce at all. Are you able to paste your complete analytics.php script and did you make any other changes eg. to checkout_success.php to make multiple product work? Anyone else had success with getting multiple product orders to record properly?? Thankyou, Sarah
  12. sbetto

    Attribute Sets Plus v1.3.3b

    Wow. This is a GREAT contribution. I am in the process of uploading a new product catalog with very repetitive attributes (size, colour, inseam length) and this has saved me SO much time. I can't wait to use the update functions because I know they will save me even more time :-) Thank you Thank you Thank you :-)
  13. sbetto

    "Dynamenu" for osCommerce

    I am trying to do this too. I have tried using the suggestion by Jim but this word wraps multi word category names onto new lines, not rows for multiple lines of categories. Has anyone successfully used Dynamenu to output the Horizontal Drop-down root categories into two rows??? I'd love to know as its got me stumped!
  14. sbetto

    2gether Discount

    Anyone had any luck with installing this contrib with attributes successfully?? If you have please let us know and would love the code :blush:
  15. sbetto

    2gether Discount

    Hi Jaderrosa, Thank you for your reply. Re the file reference you have given, I am a little confused. Are you referring to file 2gether.php in \catalog\includes\modules or ot_total in catalog\includes\modules\order_total or a completely different file?? I am using all the new files in your install, and made the other modifications as per instructions (correctly I think!). I had the 2gether discount working without attributes initially, and then installed your changes. Anyway, all the attributes are working perfectly, being added to the cart etc, but just the discount not showing at checkout. Like Jonathan, if I reinstate the old 2gether.php file without attribute support in \catalog\includes\modules, the discount shows up at checkout again. I really appreciate any help you can give me - its a terrific module and I've been hanging out for the attribute support - and can't wait to get it working. Cheers, Sarah.