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  1. topic: the line to choose "Tick to use Gift Voucher account balance" did not show. reason (as i suppose): around line 122 in includes/modules/classes/order_total.php instead of it should be that means = should change to .= it still doesn't work 100% with me, but the reason for this will be that Gift Voucher has been installed several times, so the admin shows several Gift-Voucher-Modules (at modules/summary). we will continue to check it.
  2. what i have been looking for might be in the area catalog/includes/languages/german/modules/order_total/ot_gv.php define('MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_GV_USER_PROMPT', 'Bitte hier klicken um das Guthaben zu verrechnen -> ');
  3. am trying to use gift voucher, too, and i have the problem that the gift voucher amount can be anyhow - it will not be possible to pay any order with the gift voucher money... :-(( can it be that i didn't get the idea of gift voucher? or where is the fault?
  4. if found the error now! but i cannot correct it easily. the problem was/is: the contrib is in english. we use english and german. the file products_availability was just filled with the delivered english sql, so of course no german-availability can show/can be read if it is not in the database... :-( i tried to add the german info, but.... can it be that all you people run your shop in english only? seems to me there is 'error in logic' in the construction of the file products_availability how should i add the german info? i cannot just change: to: because the key (1, 4, ...) is already existing... i guess the key should either be an automatically increasing number, or should consist of a combination of key+languages_id what solution do you propose? Thanks for your efforts!
  5. this command is not the problem: even there is a small mistake in the command: shouldn't it be instead of ?!? my problem is that obviously $products_availability_name is EMPTY and I don't understand how this can be. at first products_availability_id was empty, too - because it was never read. this mistake is reported above. the change you see was done by me to proof the content of the variable, to try to show where the problem is and where not. i try to read $products_availabilty_name by: which should be exactly the lines from the instruction... can anybody explain???
  6. problem: product_info.php will not show the availability the products_availability_id will show, so that it will look like: I try to read by: why is it not working????????
  7. Lena

    osCAffiliate v2.02

    if one comments the affiliate_check_url out the next error will be that the affiliate_insert-Funktion is not found: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: affiliate_insert() in /mnt/be1/03/512/00000004/htdocs/gebuyneu/catalog/affiliate_signup.php on line 264 Seems to me that there is a mistake in that area that the affiliate-contrib doesn't always know its functions. But I don't see very clear where which and which is linked (include, require). can anybody give me a hint where to check? or should one just 'remove everything' and start the installation fresh? Sorry if this is a stupid question...
  8. Lena

    Wishlist MS1 SQL error

    seems to me i just changed Change this: CODE $wishlist_split = new splitPageResults($HTTP_GET_VARS['page'], MAX_DISPLAY_WISHLIST_PRODUCTS, $wishlist_query_raw, $wishlist_numrows); To this: CODE $wishlist_split = new splitPageResults($wishlist_query_raw, MAX_DISPLAY_WISHLIST_PRODUCTS); like mentioned above in this threat and the sql-error was gone. but now i had 'division by zero' because i did not define MAX_DISPLAY_WISHLIST_PRODUCTS but after i added the define the wishlist shows! :lol: am trying to make wishlist work on a fresh ms2-installation!
  9. Lena

    wishlist problem

    sorry, what i wrote will refer to the sql-error (which you will see when you say 'view wishlist') but not to the button which will not appear these are 2 different topics but both rooted in the differences ms1 to ms2 (correct me if i'm wrong)
  10. Lena

    wishlist problem

    HI! welcome as another one working on the wishlist-contrib! you can have a look here: http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=50005 obviously wishlist is for ms1 and not for ms2. Seems to me that the errormessage you mention will disappear when you change that splitPageResults-call like mentioned. But don't forget to define define('MAX_DISPLAY_WISHLIST_PRODUCTS', 1); ((or maybe something else than 1)) because otherwise the next errormessage will be 'division by zero'... I'm never through with the whole thing, but hope that this might help you...
  11. just one little question: what is the meaning of 'PM'? :unsure: