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  1. Does anyone know where I can update the styles classses that are displayed in the HTML area? I am trying to create a new style that I can use with product descriptions Thanks Rob PS This contribution is amazing
  2. I am hoping someone might be able to help me with a problem that I am having I have both the Small, Medium, Large images and the WYSIWYG contributions installed. Currently when adding new products I have to fill in three text areas for the three different images paths that are used. Since we use a consistent image naming convention I am try to automate it so that once you have filled in the first textbox the other two are automatically filled in. For example: entering test-product-small.gif in first TEXTAREA would automatically fill in test-product-medium.gif and test-product-large.gif in the other two. I can read from the TEXTAREA fine, ie if I do alert(document.forms["new_product"].products_mediumimage.value); This will bring up a alert box with the current text of the TEXTAREA However if I try to update the text in the TEXTAREA by using something like document.forms["new_product"].products_mediumimage.value = "hello"; This does not update the text I can only assume that this has something to do with the WYSIWYG image popup box, since the textareas were added as part of that contribution. Does anyone know how I can update the textarea. The Image Manager popup window writes back to these fields so I guess it must be possible to do it somehow. My full function looks like function updateImageText() { index = product_image.lastIndexOf('small.gif'); if(index > -1) { document.forms["new_product"].products_mediumimage.value = product_image.substring(0, index) + 'medium.gif'; document.forms["new_product"].products_largeimage.value = product_image.substring(0, index) + 'large.gif'; } } Thanks for any help Rob
  3. Oceanic

    Help...Autologon 1.04 for MS2

    Finally managed to get this great contribution working on MS2 Version 1.05 is now available for download in the contribution section. Hopefully it should fix the installations problems for a virgin install of OSC2.2 MS2. Download here
  4. Oceanic

    Invoice modification

    I have the same problem. Just installed the contribution and I can't find a way to add the serial number unless I add it manually into the database. I'm using OSC 2.2 MS2 Can anyone help? Thanks Rob