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  1. Hi all Thanks for this contrib and for all the feedback and extra help given on this thread - I was able to install the entire thing without any help from a programmer, thanks just to the instructions here. Our dangling carrot is working perfectly except for one small glitch - the carrot item doesn't show up on the invoice or packing slip. We need it to show up here as the orders are packed by a warehouse. Would anyone happen to have a fix for this problem? It would be greatly appreciated... Cheers OxfamIreland
  2. oxfamire

    Export orders into csv

    Hi Dlan Thanks for the contribution, it's great, I just implemented it on our shop. One question - is there a quick way to include the field names/table headers as part of the csv file? Also, is there any way to add a currency option - so you can view the results in multiple currencies, or choose one currency to view all results in. Thanks again - this will be a really useful contrib for us in months to come.