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    Official thread for Great Categories

    Fantastic Contribution, have used for over a year. However, I am changing my site and want to hide subcategories from showing in the Categories box. Does anyone know the code to hide subcategories if you are using this contribution. I found the code for a stock install, however that doesnt translate to the this mod. THanks in advance. Rick
  2. Question, is it possible that the Header Tags could be causing a Pixel shift in some of my pages. It only happens when selecting a specific product. For example when you move from contact to shipping, no pixel shift, but when you select a product, I get the shift on my site. I have been running stable for awhile now and the only changes recently are adding a page in header tags? my site is http://www.dbsupplyco.com . Any suggestions on where to look would be helpful.
  3. Jack, Thanks for the response. I made that change before posting and still get the error messages. Everything works, which is good, but would be nice to find a way to fix the warnings? Any additional thoughts or suggestions to try? THanks, Rick
  4. Hi Just installed the contribution, everything seems ok on the site, however, in admin I get the following when I try to add a category. Anyone have an idea? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks, Rick
  5. Jack, Thanks so much for doing this. It fixed the problem that I have been working on for almost two weeks. Now the 3 contributions HTC, Ultimate SEO, and Product-Short Descriptions work great. Rick
  6. kidphillips

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Nevermind, it was the whitespace in paypal_ipn.php :thumbsup:
  7. kidphillips

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    I need some help. When a customer pays by CC, all goes well until they click return to mechant. Then they get the following message: . I have checked the paypal_ipn.php file for whitespace as directed in other posts and it still doesnt fix the problem. Any thoughts? Thank you. Rick
  8. I have just installed Header Tags V2.5.9.1 . I am getting no error codes but my Product Tags are not getting updated. I get the default on each page. My Category, Manufacturer, and Product Header Titles and description displayed on my pages are fine, but no Meta changes. I have compared the code, reinstalled the vanilla categories.php and still no update. Any suggestions on where to look for the problem. I do have the Product_Short_description installed which modifies admin/Categories.php, but the code seems clean. Also one other oddity that I noticed, when I update a category or sub-category and click update I need to reselect the image or I lose it. Could this indicate a problem? I have searched the forums for some assistance and have come up blank. THanks in advance for any thoughts. Rick