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  1. dlyxzen

    Header Tags SEO

    hey guys sorry if this is a really stupid question, but i searched the forum everywhere for it too !! is there a way to add the products_model to the title tag, i cant seem to see anything in the admin area for this ? great contrib, thanks to all involved, its amazing :) cheers dlyxzen
  2. dlyxzen

    Tax Problem

    Hi Satish, i have rounding turned off, and i know its not a rounding problem because i know exactly how it is calculated it, just not how to fix it. Ill give you an example, my tax rate is 10% If i add an item in for gross amount $44.99. If i added this item to cart, it should be telling me that the tax portion of this is $4.49 (or $4.50 if rounding is on) But what it is giving me instead of $4.49, is $4.09, which is ten percent of the Net value not gross, as $40.90 is the net amount of $44.99. The checkout still has the correct total and all other caluclation are correct, its just displaying the tax portion based off the items net amount not gross. thanks for the help
  3. dlyxzen

    Tax Problem

    hey guys, having a minor tax problem, my tax rate is 10% if i have an item worth gross $11, through the checkout page, its displaying tax as $1, not $1.10 (its calculating tax off the NET not the GROSS price) but the sub total, total and all other relevent calulations are correct, its just displaying my tax rate off the net instead of gross and i cannot find what is causing the problem =\ any help would be greatly appreciate p.s i have done thorough searches through this forum but as yet havent found a similar problem thanks
  4. im wondering whether anybody can help me with a slightl calculation problem i have with this mod i have a voucher that discounts 10%. The discount calculates correctly on the payment information page, for this example i used an item worth $10.99 and the voucher is for %10, so it naturally takes off $1.10, im guessing that it is being rounded, but on the checkout confirmation page the coupon amount taken off goes from $1.10, to $0.99. I have played around with the re-calculate tax and include tax options and this doesnt seem to alter the figure at all. does ANYBODY have any idea what might be going wrong? its like it is re-calculating the discount again after it has already been discounted :( :( any help would be greatly appreciated
  5. dlyxzen

    Calculating Tax on Shipping Twice

    does anybody have any idea about this problem at all, im desperate =\
  6. hey guys, i need some help desperately, i have set my shipping to calculate tax, so in my table if a value is $10,it adds 10% tax, another $1. This displays fine on checkout_shipping and checkout_payment but when i hit the confirmation page its calculating another 10% ontop of the original value, so my original $10 shipping , is now $12.10 ($10 + $1 + another 10%) i have browsed the forums but cannot find anything similar, can anybody help me ?!?! thanks dlyxzen
  7. Hi guys, I had a look around the forum for a similar problem but couldnt find anything, My price quick updates mod is working fine, the only problem is, it doesnt seem to display the gross price (with tax), even though everything in my settings is set to true in regards to tax, eg: we have a 10% tax, we base all our prices off the gross amount, so something we sell for $99 is display as $90.9 (net, not gross) anybody have this problem at all ? any help would be greatly appreciated, cheers dlyxzen
  8. Hey guys, i am desperate and have tried everything :( i am using the migs payment module for commweb. the problem is that it gets all the way to checkout_confirmation.php but then doesnt forward onto the payment page (hosted on commweb's side of things) it simply displays the order successful page straight away. It is very unusual because i have another site using the exact same migs file etc: , exact same settings and it works great. And at one point i HAVE had it working on my second site, but now it has seem to have stop working. i have installed the credit class module , but this is also installed on site1 which works fine with it. Has anybody had any problems like this before with migs/commweb? I have searched all over the forums but cant seem to find something that matches my problem. Any help greatly appreciated, cheers dlyxzen
  9. hey guys does anybody at all have any idea why my redeem option is not display on the checkout payment screen ?!? i really desperate to get it going and i cant work it out :(
  10. hi guys, i have this mod installed, it comes up in my admin no problem, i can add coupons etc: however during the checkout process it simply does not show up during the checkout_payment screen, i have another website which works fine with it, the redeem code box and button appear etc: but nothing seems to appear on my new site for reedeeming the coupon, has anybody ever had this problem before, it seems like it is all installed etC: i dont seem to get any errors it just simply does not display, i have scanned through my checkout_payment file, and all the code seems to be there, i have tried using the checkout_payment.php file from my other site that works, but unusually it still doesnt display the redeem box and button etc: any help would be hugely appreciate, cheers dlyxzen
  11. Hi Guys, Have looked all over the forum for a answer to this question but cant seem to find anything, im hoping some people out there might be using this mod and have it working slightly better then me. I am using the catalog products with images mod to print my catalog, its works almost like a charm except for two issues. Instead of displaying the main category name, it displays the sub category name. And i cant seem to get this working with SPPC (getting it to display wholesale price instead of a retail price). Im not great with mysql but it uses the following. it is getting the category name from the categoriy_id in categories_description table, problem is the category_id is from products_to_categories table , and this is always set to the second level of categories i have. Would there be anyway to re-write this query to use "parent_id" from the categories table and compare this to the category_id. Secondly its pulling product_price from the products table, however i need it to pull out customer_group_price from products_groups table where customer_group_id='2' (2 being wholesale) Is anybody else using this mod successfully ? Any help greatly appreciated, eg: of script can be found here http://catalog.sportsmode.com.au/catalog_p...with_images.php cheers dlyxzen
  12. dlyxzen

    PDF Catalog v.1.5

    Hi Guys, I have tried to use this mod with SPPC installed but started to get some wierd errors. Is this SPPC compatible at all ? Has anybody had any luck getting this working with SPPC. Reason being i need to create a PDF Wholesale pricelist not retail pricelist, any help would be greatly appreciated, cheers
  13. Hi guys, I have searched over the forum but havent found anything which relates to this problem i am receiving. I am currently using Credit Card (via MIGS) and bank deposit as payment options. When i select bank deposit radio box, the process continues on as per normal. However when selecting the credit card module with the radio box, i receive the error "Please select a payment method for your order" even though i am selecting the radio box next to it. I have double checked its not something to do with zones and everything is enabled? Has anybody else had this problem before? Any help would be greatly appreciated, cheers
  14. dlyxzen

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    Hi, I was wondering whether anybody can help me out, I have installed this contribution and it seems to be working fine on the backend, i can add groups, add specific prices on the item screen. However when i log in as a user i have placed in the wholesale pricing group, all i receive is retail pricing, i dont get any errors what so ever, just retail prices. Where is the problem likely to be? in the calculation of the display price somewhere? Any help would be greatly appreciated, cheers dlyxzen
  15. dlyxzen

    Simple Table Rate Problem

    I have been attempting to get a few shipping modules working, such as per item per zone, multi geo zones (which work to a point) However i get one problem with ALL table rate shipping modules, even with the simplest table rate module, table rate 1:2.00,2:4.00,3:6.00,4:8.00,5:10.00,6:20.00,7:30.00,8:40.00,9:50.00,10:70.00 When a customer buys two of an identical item, it seems to be adding the weights of them together, instead of adding the COST of shipping together Eg: Soccer ball is weight of 3, which should be $6, TWO soccer balls should be $12, however its spitting out $20, because weight of 3 plus a weight of 3 equals 6 which is $20. Hope that made sense, has anybody else experienced this problem at all ?! I have been playing around with shipping for months now and cannot seem to fix it =\ any help appreciated muchly. dlyxzen