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    Seach Engine Friendly URL Support

    After installed this module, I found my customers can't login. After they enter username and password, it still will show "Welcome Guest..." I have tried to remark the step no.4 in the html_output.php then the customers can login. How to solve this problem? 4. In "/catalog/includes/functions/html_output.php" After code (around line 58): if (isset($_sid)) { $link .= $separator . $_sid; } Add this code (around line 64): if(!strpos($link, 'action')){ $url_rewrite = new url_rewrite; $link = $url_rewrite->transform_uri($link); }
  2. power_wong

    Visitor Web Stats' Visited Page

    I found the reason. It is my I.E. and Firefox blocked the pop-up. I turned off the block function then can see the trace list.
  3. I checked the database, it will store every page that the guest has visited. But at the Visitor Web Stats admin page, the column "Visited Page" will show a link of his last visited page (not sure is it really the last). How can I see all the pages this guest has been visited?
  4. power_wong

    Visitor Web Stats' Visited Page

    Firefox showed me a javascript error said "newWin has no property". And in I.E., after clicked this ">>>", it just refreshed the page but did not give me a pop-up or anything else of the trace list. I have turned off the "Pop-up block" in my browsers.
  5. power_wong

    Visitor Web Stats' Visited Page

    I can find the box or button or link "visitor trace" you mentioned. My version is the most updated one 2.2c. I found the install.html mentioned there is a setting for the "Quick Trace Pop-up", is it what you mentioned? I have set the $trace_users to true. (It is already true in fact) I have tried on both I.E. and firefox, the same. I suppose I can find the "visitor trace" in the page "Visitor Web Stats" under the "Reports" item in the admin page.
  6. power_wong

    Visitor Web Stats' Visited Page

    I tried but it will only re-direct me to a site seems to whois or finger the IP, not showing the visited page. Thanks.