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  1. Hi, We've been using batch print center for years, quite happily. Now a php 5.3 update has been forced upon us and batch_print doesn't work properly anymore. It is ignoring whatever invoice numbers are entered and complaining about the date entered instead (which we don't use). I've changed all occurances of $HTTP_GET_VARS and $HTTP_POST_VARS to $_GET and $_POST, but it still isn't working. Has anyone kept this contribution up to date?
  2. My host is moving to PHP5.3 in the next couple of months. I've been doing some preliminary work to my sites to test them for compatibility, but have hit a problem with imagemagic. Basically, with register_long_arrays set to off, imagemagic doesn't work for me and just displays "error, file path incorrect, check configure.php". If I switch register_long_arrays back on, it works, but under PHP5.3, register_long_arrays is deprecated and can't be switched back on. Any ideas or workarounds would be useful.
  3. andrew71

    The Feedmachine Solution

    I've been using Feedmachine for years, but haven't kept up to date with it, instead I've been hacking things around myself, but now Google (God bless'em) have thrown another curveball and now require colour and size variants to be uploaded as individual products to their merchant center. Has Feedmachine been developed further and does it allow for this information to be pulled automatically? Any ideas how to modify it to do so if it hasn't?
  4. Very nice contribution, but I'm having similar problems to others here with Taxes. My store is UK based and will need to charge VAT. However, no matter which way I set the two tax-related fields, my store is calculating the tax on the initial subtotal of the order, where I need it to be calculated on the post-discount subtotal. Other people here seem to have had similar problems, did anyone get a solution? I've installed clean versions of the ot_tax and checkout_confirmation files, just in case another contribution was causing problems.
  5. This is a long shot as I've been using a fairly old version of this contribution but have only just hit a new problem. I've been using this contribution alongside 3for2 using a fixed discount regularly without a problem. However, I've introduced a Percentage discount and have now found that the following happens: Say you have 3 items @ $10 in the cart. 3for2 takes $10 off, but the 10% discount still applies to the overall total - it is ignoring the fact that $10 has already been discounted, so it is calculating as follows: 3 * $10 = $30 3 for 2 = -$10 10% Discount = $3 (should be $2 instead of $3) I need the discount to apply to the sub-total after the 3for2 module. Changing the sort order of the order total modules doesn't fix the problem. I'm not sure which of the modules is causing the problem, but any help would be appreciated.
  6. andrew71

    Problem with 3 for 2

    I've installed this contribution - http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri.../search,3+for+2 - and have been testing it. I've encountered a fundamental problem regarding tax. The store I'm trying to implement it for is based in the UK and is VAT registered, so all UK and European sales have to have 15% tax applied. Sales outside these zones are tax free. The site is charging tax correctly. However, once I've installed this module, it doesn't appear to be calculating the total correctly any more. Once 3 items have been added to the cart, the module is supposed to make the cheapest one free. The problem is that the module is calculating the discounted price excluding tax, but the tax amount being charged is the same as though you were still paying for three items. I'll try to demonstrate - imagine there are three items in the shopping cart at £10 each plus tax @ 15% Firstly, without the module installed Subtotal: £30 (3 * £10) VAT: £4.50 (3* £1.50) Total: £34.50 With the module installed, this is what's happening: Subtotal: £30 (3 * £10) 3 for 2 discount: -£10 VAT: £4.50 (3* £1.50) Total: £24.50 What should be happening is that the VAT amount should actually be £3.00 and the order total should be £23.00. The module doesn't appear to make any attempt to handle the correction to tax. I'm out of my depth on this one. Does anyone have any ideas, and if not, can anyone recommend a "buy X get 1 free" type module? I've looked at the Quantity discount module but that doesn't appear to do it. Ideally, I'd like to be able to do "Buy 3 get 1 free" rather than a percentage discount.
  7. I've been using Batch Print Center for a while and something is bugging me (or rather, the person that prints out our order sheets). Any apostrophe characters ( ' ) are printed in the PDF as "'", which looks terrible in words such as Who's ( Who's ) or names like O'Neil ( O'Neil ). I've looked at the templates and can see the Villains and Cools arrays in there, which I assume are supposed to be some kind of Search/Replace option, but if that's what they are, they aren't working for me. Any help would be gratefully received, as this is an excellent contribution!
  8. I'm having the same problem as the posters above, where the index page is blank after adding the lines to application_top.php. It would appear that the problem lies with the third line of the code, as I've added them one at a time and it works until the third line is added, as below: $tracker->update(); I'm using STS, and I'm not sure if that could be the cause of the problem. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. andrew71

    EZ QuickBooks Integration Contribution

    I haven't installed this yet but am looking at Quickbooks for my accounting software and this contribution might be very useful. A couple of questions: I have two seperate stores (different aspects of the same company) and would need to merge the order data from both into Quickbooks. Can this contribution do it? i.e. If I were to install the contribution into both stores and export the data, would it go into Quickbooks okay? Also, I already store an invoice number in my osCommerce databases, which is manually assigned, would it be able to pull that over into Quickbooks too - I assume that I'd need to alter the contribution code to include exporting the invoice number? Unfortunately I'm not in a position to test this as I don't yet own Quickbooks and there doesn't appear to be a demo available in the UK. I currently use Sage which is a pretty unfriendly piece of software.
  10. Thanks oyster.collector - that was exactly what I needed. It didn't work for a while until I realised that there was a missing closing bracket on the line that I'd added to my template too. This line $y= $pdf->ezText("<b>" . TEXT_INVOICE . " </b>" . $orders['invoice_serial'] . $orders['invoice_number'] ."\n",SUB_HEADING_FONT_SIZE; Should have been this instead $y= $pdf->ezText("<b>" . TEXT_INVOICE . " </b>" . $orders['invoice_serial'] . $orders['invoice_number'] ."\n",SUB_HEADING_FONT_SIZE); Thanks for your help
  11. I've got a couple of extra fields to do with invoice numbers in my Orders table - INVOICE_SERIAL and INVOICE_NUMBER I've added this line to my template $y= $pdf->ezText("<b>" . TEXT_INVOICE . " </b>" . $orders['invoice_serial'] . $orders['invoice_number'] ."\n",SUB_HEADING_FONT_SIZE; But all that appears on the PDF is the text INVOICE: (which is what TEXT_INVOICE is set to). The Serial prefix and Invoice number don't appear. I guess that I'm missing something from a query in another file, but I'm not sure which module the batch print template gets it's data from. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
  12. andrew71

    TinyMCE problem with Newsletters

    I've fixed it. The settings for TinyMCE are in a Javascript section at the header of the page. I just added the following to admin/newsletter.php amongst the settings: convert_urls : false
  13. I've had TinyMCE installed for ages as my HTML editor in osCommerce. I'm now trying to set up a newsletter but every link that I put into the newsletter gets converted into a relative one instead, even if I edit the html. For example: I create a link in my newsletter to http://www.mydomain.com/images/newsletter_header.jpg but when I save the newsletter or edit it again, the link now points to ../images/newsletter_header.jpg This is really frustrating as it means any links I put in the newsletter will be meaningless to the receipient. Any ideas or suggestions would be gratefully received! Regards Andrew
  14. andrew71

    fast easy checkout

    I've had FEC working with KGT's Discount Coupons for almost a year. Now my host has decided to upgrade to PHP5 and I've hit a problem between the two. If a customer enters a Discount Coupon, it isn't retained and doesn't show in the checkout page. Going back to the previous page doesn't retain the discount code either, although other fields, such as comments, remain. Has anyone had a similar problem?
  15. It seems that enabling Register_long_arrays fixed the problem for me with Imagemagic. Now if only I could get my discount coupons working again...