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  1. If I am right, current verion displays page links 1,2.3... if the number of products more then defined in thumb_bar.php. But could it be modified, so that instead of page links, HORIZONTAL SCROLL BAR will be shown above(or below) thumbs, enabling browsing all products in the category without need to go to other page?
  2. Really very nice contribution!!! What if modify it a bit so, that the visitor could SCROLL ALL PRODUCTS in the given category on the product page? Could somebody advice how to make this? Thanks!
  3. Han

    Moneybookers payment module help

    I have similar problem. What patch for OsC do you mean? Could you please post the location?
  4. Han

    Chronopay system

    I found www.chronopay.com an interetsing to look on. They have very professional website and offer reasonble fees for EU based business. Has anybody expirience to work with them? Are they really so good as they write? Any feedback will be very appreciated.
  5. Han

    [Contribution] Ship In Cart

    Thank a lot for the nice contribution! It works very well. Only one thing I would like to change - make it as pop up windows with the link from Shopping cart. Can anybody help me with some advices how to make it?
  6. Han

    Column Control

    I succefully imported sql. file with id changed to 16. Also changed in column_controller.php all 14 to 16. But when trying Column controller in Admin (under Tools) getting the message: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_merge_array() in W:wwwcatalogsiteadmincolumn_controller.php on line 96 In line 96 is: $cInfo_array = tep_merge_array($configuration, $cfg_extra); Any ideas???? Thanks