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  1. MontyMan

    Quickbooks Merchant Service v1.0

    A client hired me to install this module and get it working. I installed it under the desktop model, and got it configured to the point where it will accept credit cards, and the credit card fee charges appear in the client's Quickbooks software. Also, the purchase amounts appear in the appropriate bank accounts, and apparently somewhere in the QBMS system which the client can log in and see. But the purchase amounts do not make it into Quickbooks. Intuit tells us that in order to make this happen, a Web Connect Tool must be running on the Quickbooks computer, and a matching Web Connector must be running on the shopping cart server. After reading this forum, I believed that intuit.php from page one of this discussion was that web connector. But now the client has installed the WCT Windows installer on the Quickbooks computer, and it's asking for an XML file that makes it look like I was all wrong about the web connector. If I'm interpreting these forums correctly, no one here actually has QBMS integrated with Quickbooks to the point where these charges show up correctly in Quickbooks. I can't imagine a scenario in the future where I would ever recommend an Intuit product to any client, nor offer to do this again for any client at any price. If I'm wrong -- if you do have a solution for this -- I beg you, write and tell me how I can get this integration done. Name your price, please. I can't promise unlimited money, of course, but if I can't afford your help at least I'll know someone was able to make osCommerce work with QBMS the way it's advertised. Apologies for the rant. Thank you, .....MontyMan.
  2. MontyMan

    Quickbooks Merchant Service v1.0

    Mike, good to see you on the forums. I have spent hours on the Intuit site, trying to locate the Quickbooks Web Connect tool, to no avail. I have messages into Sonny, IDNRyan, and another guy I found on the Drupal forums who claims to have done this successfully. For the life of me I can't understand why so many people here in this forum appear to have made the Web Connect Tool work in osCommerce, but have not posted a contribution or even instructions on how it's done. If I don't get anything back by tomorrow (Monday) I'm planning to call IMS Tech Support and get them to show me the Web Connect Tool download. Thanks,
  3. MontyMan

    DHL module error: Country invalid

    I just changed it back and reloaded: UPS requires the code be GB and DHL requires that it be set to UK! I guess your shipping module patch is the best method after all.
  4. MontyMan

    DHL module error: Country invalid

    You can also just go into Countries (under Locations / Taxes) in your configuration screens and for the country United Kingdom just change the two-letter code from GB to UK. This is where the shipping modules get their data. But this changes it for the entire osCommerce system, not just the DHL shipping module.
  5. MontyMan

    DHL and Airborne...different?

    I am also receiving the error message, 1. This account can not be used for rate estimates. I notice in the paperwork we filled out to get the online account, RateIT and ShipIT are two separate services, and we checked both of them. And the keys I received in an email and am trying to use with the module are identified as ShipIT keys. There was no mention of a RateIT key. I have sent an email to their tech folks, maybe they'll be better able to help after these three years since you guys had similar problems. Maybe after a couple more days I'll get another email with RateIT keys; who knows? Thanks .....Monty Wilson, Brance-Krachy Co.
  6. MontyMan

    Attribute Qty Product Info

    If I understand this contribution correctly, your product must be given "attributes" aka options and values, in order to enable that capability. In other words, you would go through the admin screens for attribute manager and products attributes to give your product some kind of attribute like a color or width. If your products have no attributes, this software would act like stock osCommerce which requires the shopper to choose the product first, put it in his basket, then adjust the quantity.
  7. MontyMan

    Attribute Qty Product Info

    Looks like this contribution is not exactly what I need, but it gets me started. In order to have product option values available in different quantities (for example, ordering 3 anodes with 50 feet of cable each, and 1 anode with 70 feet) I am still having to overhaul the structure of the shopping cart. What this contribution actually does (without my mods) is to allow multiple products to be ordered with different option values. For example, 5 red boards and 2 blue boards could be added to the shopping cart with one visit to product_info. The functions are very different, but the attribute quantity contribution has been a good starting point.
  8. MontyMan

    Attribute Qty Product Info

    Many thanks to the contributors for working on this one. For two weeks I have tried to install a change where one product could be an option of another one. I couldn't find a contribution for that. After getting balled up in the necessary shopping cart changes, I decided it would serve the same purpose if I could just get a quantity on the options values. For example, a customer wants to order 3 anodes, model ABC, with 68 feet of optional cable attached to each one. I tried the contributions one more time, and there (posted the same day!) is attribute quantities. I hope I understand correctly what this contribution does; I am trying it today! It may not be a direct plug-in for me, because the version numbers in our osCommerce look like 1.7, 1.280, etc. But it will still be easier than reinventing it on my own. I'll post again when I have results to share. Sincerely Monty. www.brancekrachy.com
  9. Monty here, at Brance-Krachy Company in Houston. I am working on a contribution for options products, and I am having trouble figuring out what this script (new_attributes_include.php) is supposed to do. It doesn't appear in our admin menus anywhere that I can find, and no other script anywhere on the site seems to refer to it, or to run it. When I force it to run by entering .../catalog/admin/new_attributes_include.php in my browser, I get a "No Database Selected" error. Apparently this is part of something called Attributes Manager. But if it works, isn't there some way to run the script? Please help. ......MontyMan. monty, at brancekrachy dhat com!
  10. Dear Skittles: Monty here, at Brance-Krachy Company in Houston. My client is asking for something similar to Optional Related Products, but was hoping for more of an integrated ordering experience. She may be willing to go with ORP as-is for now, but I may work on an updated version for the future. By referring to this discussion thread (mentioned in the release/download page) I was able to find out much more about what ORP actually does, and even visit a couple of sites that have it working. I think it will make an excellent starting point for the functions I am asked for. The extensions: my client is a major distributor of industrial motors, electrical and mechanical parts. And some of those parts can be configured with other parts. For example, an anode can be ordered with a heat shrink cap installed, and with any number of feet of cable attached, and the cable can be any of several types. The heat shrink cap and cable are each products in their own right. So my client wants the order taker to be able to take an online order for an anode with no heat shrink cap and 100 feet of #8 cable, and another anode with a 3" cap and 86 feet of cable, all on the same order, and be able to tell which options should be attached to which anodes. Thank you for supporting ORP. .....MontyMan. www.brancekrachy.com