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    Customer Private Messages

    I figured it out now.
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    Customer Private Messages

    Hello, Great contribution! I am having one slight problem which I have not been able to figure out. In admin section in the right column reads... Private Customer Messages: with nothing next to it even when there is a message posted for the customer. Additionally, if I click to edit a customer's info, any private message that I previously placed there is gone. If do not make any changes for the customer, it remains saved in the customer's account except that I cannot see it in admin anywhere. The customer has no problem with deleting it, and I can delete it if I want to by simply clicking to update the customer's info, leaving the text area blank. Any thoughts are appreciated.
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    Call For Price Add On

    I am hoping to find someone who can help me by installing a "Call For Price" add on. I have downloaded two versions of this contribution and tried to install them several times and it will not work for me. I have since almost given up and restored my site to it's original configuration. I am willing to pay for the assistance. Site is located at http://www.classicfurnitureandaccents.com/catalog Thank you. Hal Wasserman