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  1. Hi All The EP contributions area has gone bannanas since I was last in there hasn't it. I'd like to ask if anyone has ever used the Easy Populate system to enter in CATEGORY images and sort order etc. I don't think this has been done, but you never know. If it hasn't I may have to sit down and write it. Thanks Aaron
  2. Jared I've tested this with Firefox and IE 6. No problems for me. Check over your install again, and perhaps you have conflicting code from other contributions. Sorry looks like you're going to have that sore head after all. :( Aaron
  3. You should check through the install again. You must have missed or added a } somewhere Aaron Sorry you may be on your own working in those other contributions. In the past I've always tried to get troublesome contributions working on there own first with a clean install of osCommerce, then merge them in from there. Aaron
  4. There were one or two little warnings etc from javascript. But I ignored them since it wasn't an error. No time for warnings. :) If you can fix them without loosing any functionality, post just what you changed (rather than the whole function) and we'll all give it a go. If it's good it should be wrapped into the mod. Aaron
  5. Hi Tim You should read the posts above, they will probably answer your question. Check image setup that you don't have both width and heights set. Also see my above posts regarding windows. Try to turn caching off first. Aaron
  6. Lots of echo's and 1/2 hour later I have solved the mysterious Windows issues. You must use the full path. DIR_FS_CATALOG. Adjusted to remove the extra slashes. I can't see why full path wouldn't work under unix as well. We'll soon see. Tom maybe you can make this code better and work something into your contrib. in file /catalog/imagemagic.php in function modify_tn_path($file, $check_cache) //create the directory tree if not already there $create_path=dirname($tn_path. $file); //added this line for windows $create_path = substr(DIR_FS_CATALOG,0,strlen(DIR_FS_CATALOG)-1) . $create_path; and // return $tn_path. $file; //comment the above line, added this line for windows return substr(DIR_FS_CATALOG,0,strlen(DIR_FS_CATALOG)-1) . $tn_path . $file; Thanks Aaron
  7. Hopefully someone else that runs Windows can confirm. But the server side caching isn't creating directories or of course the thumbnails. Time to break out the debug strings to find out what is going on. Thanks Aaron
  8. You were correct. It wasn't using ImageMagic before at all. The fix you just mentioned now works like a treat, and the ImageMagic is now actually being used. I can now run with Image Required = false. Thank you. I'm one of the ones from On the Fly that could *never* get server caching to work on windows. It didn't bother me before because I develop on windows and host with linux and it worked on linux. Now I have a task to get it onto a host running windows and am still not able to server cache. Does Image Magic store in an 'thumbnails' sub directory for each image directory or in 1 /images/thumbnails folder? I wasn't sure what the readme was referring to. I have several subdirectories since I've categorised my image directory. My windows system is not writing the thumbnails to the drive at all. At least ImageMagic doesn't die badly when you have server cache turned on unlike On the Fly. Thanks Aaron
  9. After toggling options for the last half hour, I've worked out that you have to have set in the Images configuration for Image Required = true This allows the images to be shown, and Image Magic is now doing it's thing. I don't really want to have this set, since there are several instances of where I don't have an image, and I'd rather not see a failed image holder. Any ideas? Thanks Aaron
  10. Ok I'll be first cab off the rank and raise my hand to be dolt of the day. Is anyone else unable to get their images to show.? My product images <img src="blah"> tags are completely missing in the final html, hence no images are showing. The other images (non-product) are all showing up ok. I think this could be related to the shop / non shop image selection option (which is a good option to have). I'm still investigating. Anyone have any ideas for me. Thanks Aaron
  11. Well done Tom. Just going through it now and integrating it. Issue with the readme.html in the install with html_output.php, the code is missing a ';' on the $image_size line. Should be this. if (strtolower(getcwd())."/" != strtolower(DIR_FS_CATALOG)) { $image_size = @getimagesize("../..".$src); $src=str_replace(DIR_WS_CATALOG_IMAGES,DIR_WS_IMAGES,$src); } Thanks Aaron
  12. Ok I think that's nailed it now. I've just posted v1.2 to the contributions section. Thanks for the help. Jonyo should be proud of this, it took a fair bit of effort to get it together. I know I am. I wonder if he's seen this yet? :) Cheers Aaron
  13. Tried to reproduce this following your example, and it works fine for me. Can anyone else using Mike's 1,2,3,4 steps produce the Redeem button error.? PS As for turning the check box into a radio button, I thought of doing that as well, but then thought that using a voucher should look different - mostly since not every gift voucher covers the whole cost. So it's always an add on to a payment option, not an option in itself. Hope that makes sense. Thanks Aaron
  14. Sorry I missed adding the Begin and End markers on that change when I first merged the code, so it didn't make it into the install. I've now added it to v1.2 of this contribution which is pending on Mike investigating his redeem button issue. You never know there may be some other issue. I don't have that issue on either Firefox or IE6. What browser are you using.? You actually only need to do this to make it work. The other code you commented out shouldn't affect the outcome. Locate this within the function credit_selection() and make the change while (list(, $value) = each($this->modules)) { $class = substr($value, 0, strrpos($value, '.')); if ($GLOBALS[$class]->enabled && $GLOBALS[$class]->credit_class) { // #################### Begin Added CGV JONYO ###################### //$use_credit_string = $GLOBALS[$class]->use_credit_amount(); // #################### End Added CGV JONYO ###################### if ($selection_string =='') $selection_string = $GLOBALS[$class]->credit_selection(); if ( ($use_credit_string !='' ) || ($selection_string != '') ) { Let me know about any other issues and I'll roll them into v1.2 Thanks Aaron
  15. Ok since we've have a couple of independant installers now successully running with this mod, I'll release the v1.1 to the contribution section which covers what's been mentioned in the previous posts after my initial post. Aaron