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    fast easy checkout

    I also notice if I enter a coupon code and click Redeem, it sends me to the checkout_confirmation.php page rather then having the oportunity to select a payment method (the coupon code does work). I'm just trying to add pieces to the puzzle in hopes that someone will help. My site is not live so long as the osCommerce logo is at the top of the page, so until it changes -- test away.
  2. SloChild

    fast easy checkout

    OK - I added: // if we have been here before and are coming back get rid of the credit covers variable if(tep_session_is_registered('credit_covers')) tep_session_unregister('credit_covers'); //CCGV and $total_count = $cart->count_contents_virtual(); // CCGV to my checkout_shipping.php file and I'm getting the comments to pass through, but the payment method still is not. I was also messing around with the order that the boxes display in and found the line that reads <td><?php echo tep_draw_separator('pixel_trans.gif', '100%', '10'); ?></td> I didn't want the line above the Shipping Method so I removed it. It had no effect. So I started messing around with it and put 4 of these lines of code in a row, it had no effect. Now I'm not sure what the code does (although I thought I knew) and if this is a small clue reguarding what is not working in the code reguarding my true issue of the payment method not displaying. I'm only more confused then I was before.
  3. SloChild

    fast easy checkout

    I uncommented the Comments area as well and it too is not passing information. I looked at the invoice in admin and neither the payment method nor the comments are in the invoice. My web address is www.nonguns.com/catalog in case anyone is willing to take a look and help me resolve this.
  4. SloChild

    fast easy checkout

    I've been reading for hours over that last couple days and can't find the answer to my problem. I have a fresh install and have added CCGV(trad) and FEC3.2, and at this point I have everything working except one problem. From checkout_shipping.php no matter if I select a payment method or not, when I go to the checkout_confirmation.php page I have no Payment medthod listed. I uncommented the print $key.' => '.$val.' - ';print_r($val);echo "<br>"; live and see that when I select a payment method it is passing it through, yet it never shows up. Then when I click Confirm Order it just goes to the checkout_success.php page and not the correct page for the method of payment I've selected. I've tried it with 2checkout, paypal, and check/money order with the same results. I'm stumped! :'( If anyone could help I would appreciate it.
  5. SloChild

    fast easy checkout

    I found elsewhere that fec_shipping.php is what it WAS going to be called, but it is just a different version of checkout_shipping.php now - so name them both checkout_shipping.php and this step is completed (I had the same question and spent about 12 hours digging for it).