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  1. inetchoices

    [Contribution] Step-By-Step Manual Order

    Mary Ann: You're the best! Thank you for this fix!!! Phone orders.. here I come!!! Khim~
  2. inetchoices

    cieto Featured Products 2.5 MS2

    Hi there :-) Could someone please tell me how I fix the missing F in FeaturedProducts Status? I show the following, and although it's nitpicky... it's driving me nuts :-) Products Status: In Stock??Out of Stock eatredProducts Status: I just don't in which file to change this. Khim~
  3. inetchoices


    My question as well. Will this contribution add the order into OSC even if the customer does not click the continue button after the paypal transaction is complete? Without this, I'm dead in the water. Once I get clarification on this, I'm going to go full guns on this contrib. Khim~
  4. inetchoices

    [Contribution] Step-By-Step Manual Order

    John: That didn't work. The problem is in admin, not /catalog. I don't have any troubles with the shop... I only get this error when I'm in admin trying to use the manual order mod. Surely something in the mod itself is causing it, but I haven't a clue where to start looking. I'm wondering if I need to create the setup in admin as an exact mirror the account creation process in catalog? Surely not. Anyone? ::wanders off to look for aspirin:: Khim~
  5. inetchoices

    [Contribution] Step-By-Step Manual Order

    John: I know :( But what about the whole "You can now send your purchases to other addresses".... </defeatest> I will try your fix. I've been putting it off because of the entire *breakage* to the address book thingy. My mother is going to be pissed :-) She has like the entire family in there :-) ::sigh:: Why can't anything ever be easy without strings? Thanks, John. I'll give it a try and see what I can come up with. You know? I've only been at this since Aug. I didn't know much HTML to begin with. This has been a great learning experience and all, but man I am tired :-) I think I'm just going to go get a small business loan and hire a programmer. I need my life back. My washing machine didn't even recognize me the last time I went to use it java script:emoticon(':blink:') Khim~
  6. Brian: Would you be so kind as to outline the details in which you reordered your check out process? Which files did you make changes to and what changes did you make in these files? Please try to be as specific as possible. I'm a php newbie and a little dense :-) Kind regards and you have a FABULOUS site! Khim~
  7. inetchoices

    [Contribution] Step-By-Step Manual Order

    Howdy all :) I've read through this entire thread. Added some changes, removed ones that didn't work (Shawn - awesome job!) But alas, I still have an error. I am running 2.2MS2. So according to the posts in this thread, I shouldn't have the same objects problems as were vunerable in MS1 and earlier releases. Or - not? I get this error after creating an account manually: Look familiar? I thought it would. I mean, there are only like 12 other posts just like mine in this thread. What I need is a fix. An explaination in plain, clear, english for the non-programmer that explains exactly what to do to fix the problem and in which files the patches should be applied. As for the password problem, I'm at a loss. Shawn, if you have this working on your store (I've installed your mods), and you are not getting these same errors and problems, could you please lend me a hand here? I'd really love to use this mod to take phone orders if at all possible. Thank you in advance for your help, Khim~
  8. inetchoices

    Disappearing categories

    Matti: I'm having a similar problem. I've posted my plea for help in General. If you have any idea on how to fix this little annoyance, it would be greatly appreciated :-) Khim~
  9. Strider: I'm waiting for the latest release. I haven't installed the contrib yet, I was waiting till the bugs got worked out. But I am eager to see a new release with all the stuff packaged up in a bundle with instructions for dummies like me :-) Khim~
  10. I found a bug in this contrib. With products that contain 's, the mod doesn't escape the 's as it should. The contribution is located here. The fix is as follows: Open /catalog/includes/functions/user_tracking.php and find around line 44: Insert a new line after $page_desc = $page_desc_values['products_name']; like this: This will fix any SQL Syntax errors you receive when using this mod with products that contain 's. hth, Khim~
  11. I have another question about this mod. In admin, where you set the path to your image and browse for the file, how do you input the path? What is the format? For example: If I want to upload foo.gif, I browse for foo.gif (I'm on a Mac) and choose it. Next I need to set where in /images I want it to go... so I type in products/foo I get "directory is not writeable" (although it is) and it doesn't show the image. When I right click to open my non-existant image in a new window... I get a lovely 404 error. :blink: My /images dir is chmod 777 so what am I doing wrong? I'm sorry to be such a pain :( Khim~
  12. Help!! I got this message after installing the mods: IVP6??? Oh help me :-) Khim~
  13. /me kisses Robert and Matt on the cheek!! Oh I love you both! Thank you SO much for this! Khim~
  14. inetchoices

    Live Support Fix

    Holy Rocking Contributions, Batman! I just installed the lastest version of Live Help on my test site and all I can say is WOW! I'm a Mac user, so it does NOT work in Safari, but it works fine in Netscape (I can't stand IE and Safari has spoiled me on Tabbed Browsing window). Thank you SO much for this contribution. I have so many customers that have questions or get lost on what they are supposed to do when they are checking out. We have a number of elderly customers who are braving the new world of technology and this contribution is exactly what we needed so that we can walk them through the things they need to do if they are unsure or get confused. Wow. What a godsend! Thank you SO much!!! Khim~
  15. inetchoices

    Recover Cart Sales

    Well... I don't know about anyone else :) But... Not only does this contribution rock, so does the commentary between Met00 and Aalst. I don't know when I've been so educated AND laughed so hard. Thanks guys for all of your hard work;-) ::please note that I did not snip anything:) :: Khim~