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  1. MickiCheers

    2 checkout and wording they require

    Thanks so much for your quick response. Your advice is honestly very helpful. Every few months when I visit the OSC and 2checkout forums I'm very tempted to jump ship, but I guess with my low low volume there aren't many places to jump to - I do have very random months where I hit 1,000 but mostly I do about $500/month with no effort or promotion of my site on my part (I sell indie spoken word poetry cd's and books). I'll probably stick with 2checkout for the time being. The site reqirection doesn't really bother me, however a lot of that language they've put in place lately irks the heck out of me, because I know it will confuse my customers who are already wary of buying online. I setup a PayPal module a long time ago, and every now and again a payment will trickle thru them. I haven't explored the change that PayPal made so that customers aren't required to signup anymore. Do you have any idea if there is a contribution for that or are there just some settings that I change?
  2. MickiCheers

    Help with payment

    I'm also very interested in finding out where people switched to after leaving 2checkout.
  3. MickiCheers

    2 checkout and wording they require

    Ok, so what cc processor should I switch to? I'm completely open to suggestions, especially after the pain of the V2 upgrade. Don't get me wrong, the V1 was highly inadequate, but the V2 is convoluted for no good reason. Unfortunately tho, my sales are my side gig. I don't have the type of volume to support getting a merchant account with my bank. But side gig or not, I need a processor with reasonable rates, that's completely compatible with my existing oscommerce site and doesn't treat me like they're doing me a *favor* when they make a kajillion times more money than I do.
  4. MickiCheers

    2Checkout V2 WORKING with OSC 2.2MS2!

    I installed the contribution and for all intents and purposes, everything seems to be working correctly, however there are a couple of things that I'd like to change: * The first is simple. Instead of having "2checkout" show in the payment methods section, I'd like for this section to read "Credit/Debit Card". Where do I change this? *The method to mark orders as shipped is con-vo-lu-ted! So far, it seems that I locate orders that need to be shipped (why can't this show the customer's name like it used to?), check the box, choose the shipping method and then....take out the "Not Yet Shipped" text out of the tracking box? It doesn't seem to matter if I put in a tracking number, any type of text (I've been typing "shipped") or just leaving a single blank space. Is this the correct method? *Sooo, the customer chooses the shipping method and clicks the continue button (preliminary click). They're taken to 2checkout where they "Save and Submit"(1st click). They fill in the credit card info, and click submit again (2nd click). They are then presented with a button toward the top of the page that says something like "Click here to notify our supplier that your order was successful" - very very confusing text to a customer who I bet won't even see that button (3rd click). They're then redirected to my oscommerce where I have that final "continue" button for them to click. It seems that now this button doesn't do me or the customer any good. Can I get rid of this last oscommerce page? Can I change any of the text that's presented during checkout?
  5. MickiCheers

    iKobo Payment module?

    Nope. http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=64102&hl=
  6. MickiCheers

    NPC Payment Processor

    i need this too. badly. does anyone have a lead on one? please?
  7. MickiCheers

    Option Type Feature v1.6 (for osc 2.2 MS2)

    Thanks for a great contrib. Its just what I needed. I also had problems with the attribute value not showing up in the checkout or the confirmation email (it showed up in the shopping cart). The answer to my problem was that I had chosen not to update one line in \includes\classes\order.php ~line 242 in my version. Original: 'value' => $attr_value, Updated Line: 'value' => $attributes['products_options_values_name'], After I changed this line, everything worked perfectly. Now how about a way for customers to add multiline comments. I've seen someone else ask about this, but no update. thanks, --m
  8. We have different payment arrangements for our vendors. Some we pay on receipt of the items, others we pay after the sale of the items. All I want is an add-on to the admin where I can maintain information like this. I'm hoping for a cross between the enhanced vendor contrib (assigns a vendor to each product) and the order edit fields where I can enter in comments for vendors and can append to the comments at a later date every time I pay them. I hope this isn't confusing. Any ideas?
  9. MickiCheers


    I really really hope that no one has asked this before. I am currently using OSCAffiliate on a live store. I have quite a few affiliates and everything is working well so far. I stumbled upon the thread for the old affiliate branding contrib and I really like the concept -> I can create a storefront for my affiliates that matches the color scheme and layout of their site. There may be a different subset of products shown on each affiliate storefront. Affiliates get commission when a customer purchases from their storefront. I've seen a virtual mall discussion thread (more like a wishlist) and also an active Shopping Mall contrib thread, but I'm not sure if they do what I want. Does anyone have any idea which contrib(s) I should be using? Please take pity on me. I'm flooded with information and have no way to sort it all out. I have no problem with installing a clean oscommerce and putting a contrib over it, as long as i can port my customer information and products over to the clean version.
  10. MickiCheers

    OrderCheck v 1.3 Released

    please post. i'd like to see also.
  11. MickiCheers

    Master Products - MS2

    I installed and my products listing went a bit goofy. In the category where I defined a master product (with slaves) only the first item in the category shows up. The bottom of the box says something like "4 of 4" but only 1 item is appearing in the box. I checked the other categories and this wasn't a problem. Will have to take more time and compare my index.php with the one in the contrib.
  12. MickiCheers

    iKobo - payment module

    i too am considering moving from 2checkout to ikobo but can't if there's no oscommerce contribution. anybody?
  13. MickiCheers

    PayPal IPN v0.98 for Milestone 2 released!

    i installed this mod, created a dummy product worth 1 cent. i created another paypal account and purchased it. in 10 minutes my store paypal account received 17 emails detailing the order and they're still coming. the customer account only received the paypal receipt, nothing from the store although i'm certain i completed the transaction. welp, i tried. since i have the log orders mod installed, i think i'm going to uninstall paypal ipn and stick with that. thanks to.
  14. MickiCheers

    OrderCheck v 1.3 Released

    is anyone considering updating this for MS2.2? it would be a great thing to have as i currently have "logging orders before checkout" but would love to have the admin that this contribution offers. any help? please? pretty please?
  15. MickiCheers

    OrderCheck v 1.3 Released

    did anyone else have an error similar to this one? how did you resolve it?