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    Product Sets V1.0 ?

    I installed it, but it didn't work (Javascript error), I wrote to the author without an answer :-(
  2. Ala

    Master Products - MS2

    I posted about inclusion of contrib Custom Sort Order in Master Products http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?sho...04entry861604 Is anybody interested in it? I think it would be an interesting modification and optimization.
  3. Ala

    Master Products - MS2

    Did anybody include custom sort order contrib http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2541 in Master Slave Products? I think it is not too difficult to use it in display of the slave-products under an master product, but my trial to change master_listing.php from if (($column_list[$col] != 'MASTER_LIST_BUY_NOW') && ($column_list[$col] != 'MASTER_LIST_IMAGE') && ($column_list[$col] != 'MASTER_LIST_MULTIPLE') && ($column_list[$col] != 'MASTER_LIST_DESCRIPTION') && ($column_list[$col] != 'MASTER_LIST_OPTIONS')) { $lc_text = tep_create_sort_heading($HTTP_GET_VARS['sort'], $col+1, $lc_text); in if ($column_list[$col] == 'PRODUCT_LIST_SORT_ORDER'){break;} if (($column_list[$col] != 'MASTER_LIST_BUY_NOW') && ($column_list[$col] != 'MASTER_LIST_IMAGE') && ($column_list[$col] != 'MASTER_LIST_MULTIPLE') && ($column_list[$col] != 'MASTER_LIST_DESCRIPTION') && ($column_list[$col] != 'MASTER_LIST_OPTIONS') && ($column_list[$col] != 'PRODUCT_LIST_MULTIPLE')) { $lc_text = tep_create_sort_heading($HTTP_GET_VARS['sort'], $col+1, $lc_text); failed. I thought modification is similar to product_listing.php. Did anyone this before? The Attrib Modification for Master Slave products has also no effect on sort order of slave products.
  4. Ala


    Why not include this contrib http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1580 in official OSC-affiliate contribution?
  5. I am also interested in it, because with Master Products it is possible to assign a model-no. to each product option (slave product), with QTpro not, so ideal would be combination of both contributions.
  6. Does anybody know if it is possible to use different model-numbers for each attribute-option?
  7. Sorry for the dealy in my answer. I did it in same way, but problem is that all categorie-descriptions were deleted, so a deletion-flag would be a good feature in future.
  8. Ala

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    I had the same error, but after changing the provider it disappeared. But I can't tell you why.
  9. Is there a possibility to send with the easypopulate-files a command to delete articles from OSC-sql-database. Actually it is like that: you export all articles from EP, you import this file into your database manager (for example Excel) and delete some articles in it - you export the file to txt - you upload it to EP. EP doesn't delete the deleted articles from OSC.
  10. Ala

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Same error in my installation.
  11. Ala

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    I am using version from 18.02.2005, but the described two problems also appear with other versions: First problem: OrderEdit inserts in the data fields company till telephone of billing adress the field description again, which should only be printed for one time in front of the fields. Difficulty to describe, easier to have a look at the screenshot: Second problem: Regular order: article for 20.99 Euro Order Edit cuts the value after point, so only 20 Euros appear. It is strange: When I manually add an article, the shown and calculated value is correct. Has anybody similar problems?
  12. For anybody who has problems like those previous posters: miss_coded wrote UnqlPhriek wrote importhookup wrote Paulie wrote You have to do the insertation mentioned in installation instructions after $filelayout_sql = "SELECT 5 times, not only one time around line 1014 and everything will work!
  13. I tried to upload the downloaded file without any changes and a normal message appears. Afterwards I systematically checked for possible reasons for the errors and I found it: When I export the file in Excel like mentioned in the EP-manual as a tab-delimited textfile it doen't work. With the option csv (MS DOS) it works fine. Reason is that only csv-option inserts semicolons. I hope this will help others too.
  14. That's the same mystery at my easypopulate. I also changed document_root to correct path like posted above, but no database changes.
  15. Thanks Mibble, I am used to Windows not to Unix pathes ;-) I tried your configuration, but still the same. No error message, but also no change to database. Is there a possibility to check where easypopulate-script stops?
  16. I cannot get EasyPopulate working, even though I read several times about similar problems. I downloaded a sample file from the data in the db using EasyPopulate, containing only one article. I added a second line with same fields, only different v_products_model, v_products_image and v_products_name_2 to test it. After uploading it back, everything seems fine, the following text appears: File uploaded. Temporary filename: /home/www/web126/phptmp/phpCd0gCQ User filename: new.txt Size: 848 But there was no change to database, no addition of the second article. I uploaded the files to the proper place. I made sure the permissions are set. OSC is installed in serverpath: /home/www/web126/html/m1 Here I made a temp-directory called temp, I assigned chmod 777 to it. In easypopulate.php I set $tempdir and $tempdir2 to /temp/ I checked also: EP uploaded the file new.txt to /html/m1/temp/new.txt I don't know why there appears phptmp in text message, but this directory exists (I didnt make it) with chmod 777, but it is empty. Because I read about document root, I checked this too. In /m1/admin/includes/configure.php: define('DIR_FS_DOCUMENT_ROOT', '/home/www/web126/html/m1/'); server_info.php shows: DOCUMENT_ROOT: /home/www/web126/html I tried several changes, but I couldn't solve the problem. Can anybody help?
  17. I am not able to test Individual Product Shipping Prices because I am using OSCommerce MS2 and are to stupid to integrate all necessary modifications. So excuse if there is a proposal that is already realized. My idea is to use the categories for different vendors that deliver the products directly to the client. So it would be fine to have two additional fields for each category: Minimum and Maximum shipping costs. So for example there you can define category 1 (articles from vendor 1): minimum: 2$, max. 10$, first article 1$, all additional articles: 0,50$ category 2 (articles from vendor 2): minimum: 4$, max. 20$, first article 2$, all additional articles: 1$ If someone orders now from category 2 articles and from category 2 4 articles the shipping costs will be: for category 1: 2$ (because minimum isn't reached) for category 2: 2+1+1+1+1=6$ so together: 8$ Perfect, but difficult, would be a connection to different zones like diskussed here. What do you think?