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    I have a couple of tiny problems and wonder if anyone can help with this. With my catalog i took out all the references to price and carts etc so the site is essentially a brochure. I changed the all instances of Manufacturers to Galleries (all instances that appear on screen all database and code instances remain as MANUFACTUER_ etc etc). My problems. 1. When viewing my generated sitemap I still see the term Manufactuer. I have been through the entire code of my site and cant seem to find it. where is this info called from so I can locate and change to Galleries. 2. The text also appears in Red. Is there a reason for this? 3. when I generate an XML sitemap for google I get all my STS layout around it but it fails to read the STS tags ie $searchbox etc. is there a way to fix this or remove the layout from the individual page? My Site is http://www.macdonaldfurniture.co.uk/catalog Thanks in advance for any help on any of these issues. Neil