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    Keith Goodman
  1. dfwdesign

    Is there a Pre-Order Contribution out?

    Just as a follow up... IS THERE?! :blink:
  2. dfwdesign

    anyone use the pre-order contrib?

    Judging by the lack of response to virtually all threads on pre-orders, it's simply impossible with OsCommerce.
  3. dfwdesign

    Pre Order Goods

    I'd like to know also. Thanks, Keith
  4. dfwdesign


    Would you be so kind as to elaborate or post instructions on how you resolved? I have the same problem.
  5. I would also like to know if there is a solution. Thanks
  6. dfwdesign

    pre-order/paying a deposit

    Many threads like this one, never an answer that I can find. I would appreciate if anyone knows a solution.
  7. dfwdesign

    PreOrder or Checkout Later Module?

    I need something like this also... No Solutions?
  8. dfwdesign

    Problem with USPS module

    I have the exact same problem.