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  1. IlColosso

    2checkout payment module

    I was using the 2checkout contrib by Alex Seto, and it became useless after 2 days ago. For some reason, 2checkout is not redirecting the buyers to my site, which means, it's not recording any order into my admin. I think this has to do something with the last update of parameters on the 24th, but what should we do? Am I the only one experiencing this?
  2. Hi there. I'm having troubles with this contribution. Everytime I edit a product, after I update it, the option type feature gets deleted on that product. So I have to go to products attributes, and add it once again. Also, is there any way I can quickly add this option type attributes to all my listings? I have near 1000 products and need to add 2 options, so repeating the process 2000 times it's kinda frustrating. Any tip? Thanks
  3. Hello. I would like to know if there's a way to show on the order page, not only the name, model, product price, also the picture. It should not be something hard to do, but I can't find any contribution to do it, and don't really have the time-knowledge to investigate by myself. If there's anybody that could help, pointing me a contrib or doing the job for my store, just let me know privately how much would it be and we'll see Thanks!!
  4. Hello there. I'm triying to install this on the very last OScommerce release, that fixes some SQL injection problems in classes-shopping_cart, but I cannot seem to be able to merge the files with the manual instalation. There are lines from the newer edition that make me think that actually the contribution was not really updated for the latest security fixes and the manual instalation is not really made for the last august release of OSC. I would appreciate any help with the merging of this last release of Osc with the last release of this contribution, specially on that file that is the only one giving me trouble. Thanks
  5. I'm always triying to find, but I was never able to, is there any contribution that allows me to see the pictures and the name of the items I sell on the order details page instead of only seeing text? Any clue would be appreciatted. Thanks!!
  6. Hello there. I'm having a big problem, and I know I don't usually post here, but I hope some good soul would give me a clue, or at least, maybe you are having the problem and you are not noticing about that. I suppose you may want to CHECK this on your site if you have 2CO. Try adding items to your shopping cart and switch the currency to Euros. Get to the payment confirmation and see the amount you are being "charged" in Euros. That amount is based on the currency rate on your website. Then get to the 2checkout screen and compare this values. If you see it's higher, then you have the same problem that I have. I thought, OK, 2checkout is still charging in US$, and only shows Euros as a figurative value. Theyre rates are different and so, they show a different value, but they DO charge you at they are rate and pay you at yours. And there's a HUGE difference in that. For a sale of US$ 132 I've got paid US$ 132 (less theyre usual fees). But my customer was charged for US$ 142 on it's credit card bill. I wonder if this could be a problem with my modules, but I think it's very hard that to happen in this way. If there's something bad about passing parameters, then I should get paid that amount also. Well, I've started the thread, hope there's someone else with something to say about! Cheers C?sar
  7. IlColosso

    2Checkout V2 WORKING with OSC 2.2MS2!

    www.paypalsucks.com will give you an update...
  8. IlColosso

    2Checkout V2 WORKING with OSC 2.2MS2!

    1) Paypal is not available in every country of the world and in most of them, they require an US bank account. 2) Paypal has closed thousands of accounts keeping the money in them without giving explanations. 2Checkout can do it of course, but there is not a story of that yet... 3) If a buyer claims to you, Paypal will always be on the buyer side, even if you have proofs.
  9. IlColosso

    2Checkout V2 WORKING with OSC 2.2MS2!

    You can always get to your PHP My Admin, look for the customer id and customers basket. The order details will be probably there. Then you gotta identify the item number on your store (simply editing a link) and you may probably need to identify the option, you will see apart of it a variable of numbers... that is linked to the options you may have seted up. Sorry, it's hard to explain for me, but if you are smart you'll figure out.
  10. IlColosso

    2Checkout V2 WORKING with OSC 2.2MS2!

    Ok, this are my first impressions...: After 5 or 6 sales made in this days, some of 3/4 products, only 1 has passed to 2checkout. But I don't have an idea on why, since this item is a base copy of some others that were also purchased but with a small difference on the product model according to OSC. I can't determine why some where added and why some not. I have not used the force cookies thing, as I prefer to take orders from users who don't have them available, than to loose sales... but could this be the problem? I suppose this has nothing to be with passing the parameters... All of you are not receiving any 2CO error e-mail?
  11. IlColosso

    2Checkout V2 WORKING with OSC 2.2MS2!

    Let me see if I've got it. If I do comment out those... The items will pass to the DB one by one but they won't show to customer... or they will not pass and I'll still need to upload using easy populate? Isn't against 2CO requirements to comment it out? And finally... what does exactly mean comment out? to delete the lines? Sorry for so many stupidity.
  12. IlColosso

    2Checkout V2 WORKING with OSC 2.2MS2!

    I have about 200 products on my catalog and I usually update them 2/3 times a week. Is there a way to export our products table to the 2CO db? I assume we must explort the table to .cvs... But I have no idea how to do it. And if the products are being stored after a live purchase... but some will fail to show when not yet added, as this will obviously scare the customers, is there any way to override showing this items to the customers and at the same time, storing each item on the database as 2co requests? Thanks
  13. IlColosso

    2Checkout V2 WORKING with OSC 2.2MS2!

    One small doubt. Since cookies must be forced... What will happen to buyers that have theyre explorers to block cookies? Will they be able to pay and then the order will not be registered or they won't be able to purchase at all? How can we warn our users about the cookie thing? Cos this will affect also buyers that don't have cookies on for other payments, like Paypal, and Money orders.. (in my case) Thanks
  14. IlColosso

    2Checkout V2 WORKING with OSC 2.2MS2!

    Woops! I'm glad that my 0 knowledge helped a bit to all of you and also it helped me a bit more too. BTW I've got this from 2CO today, since I don't see anybody posting it I suppose not everyone has got it: You are receiving this message because you previously indicated that you had converted to Version 2 and then reverted back to Version 1. It is important to note that all future payments for your account will be released from Version 2 so please ensure your Version 2 banking information is correct. The net result of sales and all other activity in Version 1 will be transfered to Version 2 and combined with any activity there for payment release. 2Co is interested if you encountered problems with the conversion or issues with Version 2 and we were unable to assist you. If you opened a ticket and we have not responded, please be patient, we are working diligently to assist all clients. If you previously opened a support ticket and were not satisfied with the resolution please send an email to: v2revert@2co.com. Please include in the correspondence the ticket number and the reason you were unhappy with the resolution. Please Note: 2Co may not immediately respond, but will catalog common issues for potential resolutions. I will not update the module anyway to V2, to see if this message means that for us, the problematic ones, will still be able to get the payments from V1. I assume everybody here sees theyre unshipped orders as "0.00" in the amount, right? Cheers. C?sar
  15. IlColosso

    2checkout v2 on OSC 2.2

    YES! I've FUCKING DID IT!!! All you have to do is to avoid the OscSid to appear on every page. HOW? By configuring PERFECTLY your cookies directories in the includes/configure.php file. Then you will also probably need to have: The latest pm2checkout module + the modification line you can find on this forum. I haven't tested it without that line, but I suppose it won't work that way. Don't ask me for further help cos I'm a real rookie on PHP and that is what makes me so happy. I've got there almost by a coincidence. But you have now some clues to find what is causing yours. Check those things and you'll find the way to make it work. Don't EVER surrender! About the configuration, basically, add your domain (www.thisway.com and not http://www etc) and on cookie path for your type of connection write the folder for the catalog, if it's in the root, add a "/" Sorry If I'm not so clear, but my knowledge is very limited.