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  1. Hi, maybe somebody have a suggestion for me - also hope that this is the right forum... I'm searching for a contrib wich provides free products for people who have made a big order or who have give us new customers. That means if you made a order for more than XXX€ you should get a free item at your next or maybe in your actual order. It would also be nice if somebody suggest our shop to a new customer, and this customer make an order, so the suggesting customer should get a small goodie as benefit. Its a small shop for toys ( [german only]). Any suggestions? Maybe other suggestions how you would made this kind of goodies? Thanks for your help, Mike
  2. Hey, great mod - really. I've had a problem. I've inserted data from another datebase through perl-scripts. Unfortunalety the users have inserted not in the right order. For example they insterted pics only in sub_image2, sub_image4 and sub_image5. So the popup-window was broken. I've written a little perl-script to correct the order (feel free to give me feedback). But I also have one question. Have anyone a patch or something for the following problem: I resize the Images in the preview through SMALL_IMAGE_WIDTH/HEIGHT. If the user wants to see it full-size he need to click. The problem is the Image has always the original size >_< Thats especially a problem when you're at the index.php So I want thumbnails in the preview. Does anyone know how to do that. It would be enough if the path is different in the Preview (for example: /images/thumbs/image001.jpg) and the fullscreen view (/images/image001.jpg). Then I can write a small script to create thumbs use image-magick. Thanks, Mike