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    USPS Module Help Please!

    Please help, I'm new to osC, using 2.2, only USPS and on the USPS production server. Whenever the customer goes to checkout, no matter what has been selected in the Shipping Method when the customer goes to Confirm Order the Shipping Method has changed to Express Mail (the most expensive option). I've searched through the forum and found only one post with no replies except my own asking if the poster found a solution, but alas, nothing... Thank you. David
  2. Me Too!!! My International sales are down by 50% over last year...what's the deal? I've followed all the available fixes to no avail. Please help. David
  3. primordialstuff

    Is USPS on the fritz?

    I've been having this issue with USPS since day one. Domestic and International. The array always chooses the top item on the list and disregards everything else. I have followed every thread and all related threads that I can find in this matter and have found no solution that works. For the Domestic shipping I simply deleted all options in usps.php with the exception of one, and this has worked. However, for whatever reason (beyond my immediate understanding) this same method does not work for the Intl methods. I am at my wits end and begging for help.
  4. primordialstuff

    USPS Module Not Working Charging wrong price

    I have this same problem...