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  1. trailex

    Pay Pal IPN v0.981

    Stuart that was it seems to work swimmingly lol I am forever in your debt or at least for the rest of the week! Thank you!!
  2. trailex

    Pay Pal IPN v0.981

    aahhh ooh that may be it I don't remember reading that in the instructions but I will go back and check that wow that may be it ! Thanks mate I will let you know if that is the ticket it makes sense! are you inthe USA?
  3. trailex

    Processing the paypalipn.sql file.

    I can't get to pay pal it says file not found I manually added the files and uploaded and ran still no cigar, would like to know were to start??? :blink:
  4. trailex

    Pay Pal IPN v0.981

    I am having a heck of time getting this IPn to work I tested I get this: TEST IPN Processed for order #11146 - Table 'oscomm.TABLE_PAYPALIPN_TXN' doesn't exist select txn_id from TABLE_PAYPALIPN_TXN where txn_id='1067984237' [TEP STOP] Run it live Page not found! Yes the table exist I put it in I have manually loaded the files and also loaded and ran! it may be my paths but I am not sure were to start to find the problem, i am fairly new to this so most of my installation isn't to far from stock. this is defintiley a problem. My stock pay pal payment also gives me asimilar error whenI test purchase: 1146 - Table 'oscomm.TABLE_PAYPALIPN_TXN' doesn't exist select o.orders_status,p.* from orders o LEFT JOIN TABLE_PAYPALIPN_TXN p on p.item_number = o.orders_id AND o.customers_id = '2' order by o.date_purchased desc limit 1 [TEP STOP] the order is placed in the old stock pay pal module but getting the info or the customer to click continue is a problem anyone have any Ideas? Blaze away. Trailex Keeping th Adventure Alive!
  5. trailex

    Processing the paypalipn.sql file.

    In my sql I clicked onthe data base name and went down to the browse portion located the file and clicked go that uploaded the table and voilla although I am having more troubles can't get the IPN to work at all havn't figured it out yet. Hope you get it going let me know! Trailex aka Doug :rolleyes:
  6. Looked like a wonderful solution to my order problems through Pay pal not being posted to the customers order area, loaded as per instructions doesn't work at all? checked over all of my updates no cigar, were is the ipn supposed to point from paypal? all I get now is a url not on server I know all of my directories and such are set properly just flat doesn't work. any suggestions?
  7. trailex


    I have tried but can't get mine to work at all, the error page comes up no such url, unless something is hidden somewhere it is not working for me!
  8. trailex

    Paypal IPN that worked

    not sure how the paypal module knows you added the the ipn function, I am getting abit frustrated with trying to get IPN to work I get an error page I see others get alittle farther but the install instructions must be missing something I followed every one to the letter.
  9. trailex

    Processing the paypalipn.sql file.

    I love posting to myself, new issue all is set up but won't work tried the full url to the paypal_notify.php error page pops up. I may have configured wrong although I followed the instructions to the letter, any advice?
  10. trailex

    Processing the paypalipn.sql file.

    Goodnite sleep does wonders got it in thanks anyway!
  11. Pablo you are the man, one q for this diesel mechanic / web page wacker and wannabe oscommerce trouble shooter. In your install instructions it says to: "Process the paypalipn.sql file. A good and secure way to process that file is using phpMyAdmin (http://www.phpmyadmin.net). You can also process it with the mysql console." I use mysql to do alot of things, but I am not sure about what to do here. I am pretty new to this stuff, having beat my head around abit for the last couple of months, getting everything configured and today realized I am not getting the information from my customers orders, on what they ordered, low and behold Pablo came up with a solution I just need a small point in the right direction to get this thing off the ground. How? were? do I start in getting this data were it needs to be for this module to operate :blink: