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  1. graphixtyle

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    Help needed. I installed version 2.3b and everything seems to work fine besides the fact that when you click the arrow to add the attribute to the list for the item it does nothing. I can the Option and the Value, but when I click the arrow icon to add, it does nothing. I have installed on another shop and it worked fine straight away. But this time it doesn't and it is a fresh install of the latest version of osCommerce with no other addons. Can someone help, please.
  2. graphixtyle

    Shipping Price By Envelope Size

    I want to be able to have oscommerce work out which size envelope is required to post the chosen products. Size is based only on Length and Width. I have created attributes for the products as such: 30cm x 25cm or 12.5cm x 40cm I have 2 zones for pricing of shipping. Local (AU) 2:2.50,4:2.50,5:4.50,10:5.50 and Rest of World 2:5.50,4:5.50,5:7.50,10:9.50 The numbers 2,4,5, etc will represent the envelope size B2 = 20cm x 25cm, B4 = 25cm x 30cm, etc Multiple items can be sent in the one envelope. I need to be able to pull apart the chosen size attribute and find the longest measurement, then check that against all other products in the cart. The largest measurement ( only has to be one ie: 40cm) is then cross referenced against envelope sizes and then in turn is checked against shipping zone table. Thus giving the right shipping amount for the largest item size. Can anyone help point me in the right direction. Thanks Paul