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  1. Hi, Recently I have also installed X-selling and it seems to be a great module and exactly what I need. But my only problem is that I renamed my database tables and somehow the contribution doesn't look at the database table names from databasetables.php. Instead of the stander products table names I uses a prefix in front of it like test_products . Does anyone have a clue how I can change the X-selling contribution to accept my table names wit prefixes? Thanks a lot in advance. Jeroen
  2. Hi Linda, First of all, WOW what a lot of good things do you make! I am very impressed all the time. Also the last couple of days I really had a good look at your site. It is all great! I have one (hopefully little) question for you. I would really love to use the attribute sorter and copier, it is exactly what I need. But I also would really love to keep working with my radio buttons and check boxes. Do you have any idea of a solution for me? I already tried to merge those files, but they are to simular to understand how to merge them (at least, for me it is to hard so understand it). I really hope you have an idea or hint for me. Thanks in advance. Jeroen
  3. Hi Priest, How did you manage to get it work? Jeroen
  4. Hi Chrysalids, You must have installed in your admin menu, under modules and the Order Total, both the modules Gift Voucher and Discount Coupons. With the sort order the Gift voucher must have a higher number then the discount voucher, otherwhise it also doesn't show. I hope it works for you. Jeroen
  5. Hi Strider, Thank you for all the time you already spend on solving my problem. But I hope I don't annoy you, but the problem isn't solved. It seemes as if everything is calculated fine but still the tax isn't recalculated. It still calculates the tax over the original amount, not considering the discount. Now I could get for example that someone buy's for 100 euro with a 100 euro discount voucher. Now it would say: Subtotal 100 Tax 19 Discount 100 Order total 0 And I would like the tax to be also zero then. Because the customer doesn't pay tax at all. I hope you get the problem and that you are willing to help me further. Thanks a lot! Jeroen
  6. Thank you for your reply. I have also another comment/suggestion in catalog\includes\modules\order total\ot_gv.php there is part switched of containing: function process() { global $order, $currencies; if ($_SESSION['cot_gv']) { $order_total = $this->get_order_total(); $od_amount = $this->calculate_credit($order_total); if ($this->calculate_tax != "none") { $tod_amount = $this->calculate_tax_deduction($order_total, $od_amount, $this->calculate_tax); $od_amount = $this->calculate_credit($order_total); } $this->deduction = $od_amount; // if (($this->calculate_tax == "Credit Note") && (DISPLAY_PRICE_WITH_TAX != 'true')) { // $od_amount -= $tod_amount; // $order->info['total'] -= $tod_amount; // } $order->info['total'] = $order->info['total'] - $od_amount; if ($od_amount > 0) { $this->output[] = array('title' => $this->title . ':', 'text' => '<b>' . $currencies->format($od_amount) . '</b>', 'value' => $sod_amount); } But it says it is the part about calculating the tax while the prices are displayed including tax. Thsi is exactly where I have a problem with it. I already switched it on, but it doesn't help me any way. But maybe you can use this information. Hope to hear from you again. Jeroen
  7. Hello Strider, Thank you very much for your reply. I am sorry but I really tried everything in the order total module. I changed all setting of the gift voucher, and also of the discount coupon, I changed the order of all the modules but really nothing gives me the right result :( unfortunately. Or it calculates much to less tax or it calculated the tax over the total, without considering the discount. I also read topics from other people who couldn;t fix it, but unfortunately nobody has fixed it in the end. I also think it has got something to do with the fact that I display all my prices including tax. I hope you can give me another hint. If there is anything I can send to you or if you like to see some screenshots or url's please ask me. I hope you've got some solution! Thank you already, Jeroen
  8. Hi Rwoody, I also just installed that contribution. And I had to change in the coloumn_left.php file the name of the gv_admin.php. It was written like gvadmin.php and it had to be gv_admin.php, I don't know if that is your problem too, otherwhise let me know. I got it working okay now. Jeroen
  9. I still have troubles with my tax in relation to a discount. I have included some more information so I hope someone can help me further with it, and will understand the problem. I have set up my shop to display the prices including tax. And also the value of a gift voucher is included tax. But it always displayes the tax calculated on the oder total without considering the discount. So for example: I have 10% tax Subtotal = 2200 (2000 without tax + 200 tax) Discount = 1100 (1000 without tax + 100 tax) = order total -> 1100 (1000 without tax + 100 tax) Now the tax shoud be 100 euro, but it always displays 200. I already played around for a long time with the sort order, but that doesn't give me the right solution either. I really hope someone can help me, I already wonder around for a long time about the solutions.
  10. Hello all, I have installed the Credit Class & Gift Voucher module and it looks great, but unfortunately I seem to have one problem with. Either the tax or the order total is displayed correctly but never both of them. I can set it up to display the tax correct but then the order total is displayed wrond and visa versa. I have already played around many hours with the sort order but it never fixes my problem. Can anyone please help me, I would be thankfull. Jeroen.
  11. Hi Chandra thanks a lot it works great. Jeroen
  12. Hi Chandra, I am a very happy user of the option type feature, and it works great! But I have one problem. All the prices on my site or presented including Tax but the options are not. Is it easy to fix this? I really hope you can help me. Thank you already, Jeroen