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  1. comclusive

    Home or Business Customer Support Forum

    It's certainly something I could work on, but not until the new year...
  2. comclusive

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    I installed this mod yesterday and it works great. I also installed the new addon package that transfers customer details if they do not use a paypal account, but the telephone number is not transferred. The code in paypal_ipn is $parameters['H_PhoneNumber'] = $order->customer['telephone']; do I need to make a select query to pull this? My checkout_confirmation page only has billing and shipping adress, no phone number.
  3. comclusive

    [Contribution] Tabbed Product Pages

    Does anyone know how to get the tabs to resize to fit the tabname text? And is there a limit on the amount of tabs? Thanks
  4. comclusive

    [Contribution] Advanced Cartbox

    Interesting post this. It was the same symptoms that my site was displaying, the javascript non-working shopping_cart.php. I did exactly as stated here, and yes, it did work beautifully. BUT, after that, when I went to checkout, it stayed on checkout_shipping.php, and would just loop, not going to checkout_payment. ANy ideas on this one? I can't see why this should affect the checkout process, but when I put the standard cart box back, the system worked fine again.
  5. comclusive

    Home or Business Customer Support Forum

    2.2MS2 The gender tags are the search parameters for the contrib additions, they are not added or changed themselves.
  6. comclusive

    Help with site table

    I am using contrib http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...ons,2927/page,2 and it is a really nice design, but my content is now such that the width of the mail window is too small, so I want to do away with the blue each side. How do I do this?
  7. This is the support forum for the contrib Home or Business Customer. This is my first full mod. I hope you like it. This mod adds a business or home user function when creating an account. Once created, the customer cannot change the type of account themselves, it has to be requested and done through the admin panel. I have also included an optional section in this contrib, which will allow different maximum addresses for home and business customers. This is set through the admin panel, so a home user could be given 2 addresses and a business user could be given 5, for example. The requirement for entering home or business user can be turned on and off via the admin panel, and if the extra addresses part has been installed and the requirement turned off, the max addresses defaults to the home user setting. Screenshots Included The contrib is located at http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,4625
  8. Apologies, forgot the tare weight was located elsewhere in the admin section, and found it was set at 2!
  9. I am getting weight errors on my cart. The cart show the weight as 0.1kg, but on the shipping screen, second class is not available saying I have exceeded the 1kg limt Any ideas?
  10. All I get if trying to cancel an order is that it has already been cancelled, even on a brand new order...
  11. It is already in the root, and chmod'd to 777
  12. comclusive

    NEW: Anti Robot Registration Validation

    All is fine. I have checked everything many many times, but if I enable SSL, it goes wrong.
  13. comclusive

    NEW: Anti Robot Registration Validation

    Yes, the images show if I go to http...... but If I enable SSL in configure.php and then go to https...... the images do not show.
  14. Nope, still getting no images. My store is located in "shop" in the root html directory...
  15. comclusive

    [Contribution] Tabbed Product Pages

    I have sorted the tabs images issue, but I have noticed that when a product has attributes, they appear hidden behind the tab table. Has anyone fixed this issue?