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  1. Is there any contrib that allows to filter products based on attributes ? (like the dropdown for manufacturer)
  2. Now I have another question :D Could be have something like sub-templates ? :D I mean within a template how could we obtain categories ? The same thing would be to have more than 1 template per product. Example: say you are selling a computer: Processor : Speed...............3Ghz Cache...............2MB Memory: Speed............667mhz Latency ........x Mother board: USB ports.........8 firewire.......yes LAN......10/100/1000 mbit onboard PCI slots.........3 Does something like this exist ?
  3. done. was just a matter of creating 1 and a half functions :D and a button. BIG thanks to nimmit and everyone else that contributed to this AWSOME contrib ! now if i could just sort out how to order the attributes.......
  4. Im using the old 2.7 (i have no problems with it, so I am pretty afraid to upgrade since this is a complex contrib WITHOUT good reason :) ). Are you saying that in 2.8 one can manually arange the order in which attributes apear on products_info.php ? I mean set: Speed : ..... (display first ) Weight: ...... (display second) Color: ......... (display third) etc etc ?? PS: Also, do you know how could I load the same Template for ... say for example 500 products AT ONCE ? :D Basically I dont know where to add more IDs, i see this only sends 2 parameters :( function loadTemplate() { var templateId = getDropDownValue('template_drop'); amSendRequest('amAction=loadTemplate&template_id='+templateId); removeCustomPrompt(); resetOpenClosedState(); }
  5. Anyone know how can we alter the order in which attributes show up in products_info.php ?
  6. HMM.... this is the result only if I am logged in.... but I would like the same for Guests also.... anyone have something like that?
  7. this is extremely weird.... in the email I get there is no link, just the products... is there any page that shows the last wishlists created ????
  8. i sent an email to myself.... but no link there... just the products added to the list....
  9. OK i added a product to wishlist.Php but i dont see where does wishlist_public.php come into all of this ?
  10. hmmm could someone give me an example of a live store that has this working pls ?
  11. but where is that unique link/URL created ? my /wishlist.php just emails the LIST of products i have selected. I would suppose that wishlist_public.php would do something... but if I point my browser to it... it redirects me to index. What is it suppose to do ?
  12. hmmm..... emailing the wishlist.php list works.... but this is not exactly what I was looking for... isnt a wishlist suppose to create a page of selected products that can be sent to someone ? (not email)
  13. Could someone tell me what version and what updates should I install ? thanks (i used 2.1 + replaced SQL selects) is that good or bad?
  14. hmm..... random question here : as i can see when applying a template to a product, its actually the attributes/options that get appended to that products_id. Wouldnt it make more sense to insert the ID of the template so as when the template changes ALL the products change ?
  15. I would pay somebody to add the specific attributes and option values.... but I want to add the SAME template to 500 products, surely there must be a way to do it instantly...