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  1. Druid6900


    @greasemonkey You think it might work better if it was set up to disallow everything as default and then add the ones you want to use?
  2. Druid6900


    Well, I'm in Hamilton, and I was one of the people that helped keep this going, way back when. but 2.2 is a long time ago. You might be better upgrading your database through a number of versions (there are scripts) to something like BS reactive and install GreaseMonkey's latest iteration. That's what I'm running on my shop and I started with 2.2 and cranked it up through the versions just as I mentioned above.
  3. Well, I'm looking (not seriously) at Phoenix. My store works the way I want it to, looks the way it needs to and I doubt that I'll be installing any more add-ons since my current store has a minimal amount of them. Now, if I migrate to Phoenix and some of the add-ons don't work, like, for instance, Canada Post REST with dimensions shipping module, then what do I do? Since the module was abandoned by the original author, GreaseMonkey and I have, pretty much, been keeping it going. If any of the other add-ons don't or can't work in Phoenix, then I have a net loss and have, really, gained nothing. I started back when MS2.2 first came out and there was always a way to upgrade to a higher version of OsC, whether it was a database upgrade script (hell, I'd settle for some detailed instructions) or someone who uses a given module and made the leap (and was programmer enough to modify and release it into the wild). Phoenix has none of that. "You can do it too" isn't helpful at all. The add-ons I have, I need, or I wouldn't have them, so why would I want to move to an environment where I wouldn't have them and why would I want to re-install them all (if possible) if I already have an environment where they ARE installed and they DO work? I've never been the type to require the "latest and greatest" merely because it's the "latest and greatest". If I have to give up things to use "the future", then, again, it's a net loss. As long as I can migrate to a version of PHP that keeps me ahead of ones that have been discontinued, then I'm fine. This isn't a hobby or part-time thing for me, I run my full-time business on the version I have (2.3.4 BS Gold) and I see no compelling argument put forward to move to Phoenix. It's just too much trouble for too little gain.
  4. Druid6900


    Yeah, I'll do that. I'm just playing with Phoenix in (what little) spare time I have. I haven't decided if it's going to be worth the trouble, but, I suppose this will be a good first test....
  5. Druid6900


    @greasemonkey Here we go again....Do we know if this package will work in Phoenix (
  6. It is something to consider should we ever get a space of time that is quiet. I know my way around a database and know enough that one mistake and you have to reload the DB backup and start again. Maybe some Sunday on a holiday weekend we will give it a shot since we back up the database and entire site on a daily basis. There is an old adage about "if it's not broke...."
  7. Yes, I'd have to agree. The shipping and payment modules would PROBABLY work, but, I have thousands of items and we are looking at a lot of paid person-hours to put them all back in. It's not really worth the effort or expense. I guess it's a fine program if you're just starting a store, but for an established one, it's a deal-breaker. I recall going for MS2.2 to 2.3.1 using a series of scripts to convert the initial database and they worked perfectly.
  8. There is something I'd like to get straight about "Phoenix"; There is no way to get the database from 2.3.4 BS Gold into it except by hand and some modules, such as Canada Post shipping and PayPal may or may not work with it?
  9. Druid6900

    Ebay manager

    @14steve14 I need something like this in that it would make life a little easier, but, it's not something that I can't live without. I hadn't even thought about it until I was browsing through add-ons. Should it become absolutely necessary, I will contract someone to write something and then release it into the wild. I'm guessing that not a lot of people would use an add-on like this just because it's as easy to post it on eBay directly and, for stuff already on a site, cut and paste would suffice. I'm further guessing that, anyone that is doing OsC to eBay would be doing it that way.
  10. Druid6900

    Ebay manager

    I'd guess, seeing as there doesn't seem to be another contribution like this, that either people are using something else to achieve this (which I can't find for Gold BS) or that not enough people want to do this for someone to want to sit down and write it from scratch.
  11. Druid6900

    Ebay manager

    Yeah, I noticed it was a little heavy on the code, but, I suppose with dealing with APIs, it bulks up pretty quickly. I need a module that does this and this one sounded good. I'm looking for something that will work with Gold BS responsive and there isn't a lot of choices, it seems.
  12. Druid6900

    Ebay manager

    @greasemonkey Hey GM, As bad as the Canada Post REST code when we sort of inherited that? Too bad. It sounded good and ALMOST works, but, I'll take your word for it since I've seen you pull off, what I considered, miracles, in the past. I guess I'll have to rip out the files and write it off. Anyone know what people use when they find out that this just isn't gonna cut it? Thanks
  13. Druid6900

    Ebay manager

    I'm getting the following error in Admin on almost all the functions for this add-on Notice: Undefined variable: SID in /hermes/bosnaweb15a/b152/ywh.xxxxxxx/catalog/admin/includes/functions/html_output.php on line 48 I'm sure it's a quick fix, and probably has something to do with some other addin. Any help would be appreciated, but, it looks like this add-on has been abandoned
  14. Druid6900

    consignment sales?

    Yes, a form is a given for security reasons. It would have to allow for photos, shipping dimensions and weight and all the fields that we use. In addition, a couple of extra fields would have to inserted into the database to hold the Zip/Postal code it will ship from and the shipping carrier to calculate the shipping options since the site is set up to only calculate Canada Post from the company postal code. I can see this getting mildly complicated for a non-programmer.....
  15. Druid6900

    consignment sales?

    Actually, I have become interested in this of late. My site is doing well and enjoys a good reputation, so, I'd like to be able to have people list their item(s), in line with what we sell, and be able to set the shipping point and shipping method for their items. It would be a flow-through system that we would take a small percentage of the sale of the item from. It gets them a better platform to sell on and we get a better reputation for providing the things that people are looking for. What I don't want to do is become a FeeBay type operation. Anything out there that would accomplish this for OsC 234BS? TIA