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  1. added note --- my apology -- I meant I do NOT plan to move to weight based shipping.
  2. Hi Michelle, I posted my comments to my install to your earlier post. I will keep my flat rate schedule. My customers like. This free shipping doesn't work correctly for all situations. It is also important to note I found another flaw ----- If I set up the free shipping module to apply for all product items and it is free shipping if $50 or more (for example) the module INCLUDES the shipping cost -- so --- hypothetically -- if someone buys $41.05 of products and SH is $8.95 for a total including SH of $50 the free shipping module kicks in when it should not --- it should be based on total of products without shipping. I do plan to move to weight based --- too complicated --- my customers do not want it .... Also ..... my customers do order products at the same time they buy a gift certificate or make a workshop reservation. So, my systems needs to meet a lot of variables. This free shipping module has flaws. Oh well. Back to the drawing board. Darn. Lana
  3. Hi Michelle, I installed it and tested it. It is not 100% accurate for folks such as us who use a flat rate table (as shown in my original post). I found the same issues you did. Here is what I would like corrected - but how??? 1) If the only product ordered is the one eligible for $0 shipping the free shipping choice does show up BUT the flat rate shipping rate also appears. I need to show only the free shipping choice. 2) I need to revise the text that appears for the free shipping - but how? 3) If an eligible free ship product is combined with a non free ship product the flat ship rate that appears includes the cost of the free ship product. So, we are almost there but not quick 100% yet. Michelle, I ship all my orders via USPS Priority Mail. I use the flat rate shipping fees shown in my original post. I have found that at the end of the calendar year 2007 the actual postage I paid for all orders shipped exceeded the shipping fees charged for all orders shipped. The variance was reasonable and not a huge amount which I would never permit anyway. The reason I keep the flat rate shipping fee structure is my customers prefer it! They like a simple easy to understand structure for their shipping fee. They also prefer the quick delivery using USPS Priority Mail which also delivers on Saturday. We'll have to keep plugging away on getting this 100%. At least we are moving in the right direction.
  4. Michelle --- are you serious! I think you ARE serious! OMG!!!! I've been searching for almost 2 years for this solution. This is wonderful. I will give it a try now. I am certainly not as good as you --- but --- will attempt it anyway! Thank you in advance FRW Media!! Lana
  5. Hi Michelle, I downloaded the FRW Media contribution .... the notes states: Tested on: MS2.2 - RC1 - RC2 PHP4 - PHP5 - MySQL 4/5 (STRICT TRANS TABLES) I am PHP Version 4.4.4. So, it appears from this information it would work with my PHP version. Are you going to give it a try. The instructions are not so bad - rather simple --- can this be???? This would be the very best of news. If you try it let me know how it works! Best regards, Lana
  6. Hello, I've read many posts about similar questions to mine. All are confusing. Perhaps someone can provide me (a lay person) with an easy to understand solution. This situation is common and should be available easily within the oscommerce application ( I would think so, at least!). I use the Table Rate shipping module based on price. I have a simple price structure. I ship all orders via USPS Priority Mail. It keeps the shipping simple for me and my customers love it! Here is my shipping fee structure: Order Total ...........S&H Fee 0 to 24.99 .............$6.95 25.00 to 39.99........$8.95 40.00 to 74.99 .......$10.95 75.00 to 99.99........$12.95 100.00 and up .......$13.95 The Table Rate module works great. However, I now have a few products they are reservation based sales. Thus, no shipping is applicable. Folks will sign up for an event and the cost is $50. I want the shipping fee to be $0. Another example is I have gift certificates that are personalized that are mailed to the customer. They are a letter envelope only and of course the postage is only 41 cents. I want the shipping fee for this product to be $0. I installed the Flat Rate Shipping Module and set the cost at $0. However, there is no filter to designate which products this applies to. So, of course, the customer sees two shipping options --- one for $6.95 and one for $0 to chose and check. How do I get my oscommerce store to provide a $0 shipping fee for a select group of products? Please only provide solutions that work that a lay person such as myself can handle! Your extra effort to help is more than greatly appreciated. Best regards, Lana