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  1. Hey Everyone, I'm finally getting around to fixing my USPS First Class International Package shipping. I've tried every different variation of text I could find with no luck. Is there a consensus as to how to make the changes and where? The only text I believe is affected and that I've tried to change is this... 'First-Class Mail Int Package' => 'First-Class Mail regimark International Parcel**', Is there more? Thanks, Jason
  2. Thanks for this cool contribution! It works great. However, I am having one issue with it. It seems to work well with any mixed characters that are entered in the search box at top, but does it protect any other input boxes on the site, such as when customers create accounts and enter email addresses and so forth? The company that does my PCI compliance says it doesn't. Please let me know if it does and I've didn't follow the install instruction or something. Thanks, Jason
  3. Thanks Matt. My php skill is terrible. I can usually edit most contributions, however. Also, if I did rework the free shipping module how would I charge for overnight shipping? Jason
  4. Thanks for looking at my post. I've searched the forums and come up with nothing. I have a OSC 2.3 site. I'm looking for a shipping module that will offer free shipping for all US and Canadian customers, but will also allow them to select faster overnight methods of delivery, if they want it. I would only offer this free shipping to US and Canada so there needs to be a method for charging for international orders. I appreciate any and all help on this. Thanks so much, Jason
  5. This was posted by someone previously regarding fixing the tax problem with this contribution. Does anyone know how to adjust this so we can get this invaluable contribution to work properly with taxes? Thanks so much! Jason
  6. What a great add-on!! Everything works great except.......has anyone come up with a solution for the tax problem? I've tried all the solutions mentioned in this post, with no luck. None of those work properly either. It looks as though the taxes are being calculated before the discount takes place. In other words, on the original price, Any and all information will be well received by many. Peace, Jason
  7. Thanks for the response Cord. I didn't actually upgrade. I was installing it for the first time. But, I was reading more. I also have Security Pro 2.0 installed. Could this be the problem? Will it continue to be a problem if I also want to buy one of the add-ons like the email throttle application?
  8. Thanks for responding so quickly. In my php log I get this: PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare mh_price() (previously declared in /home4/subcitiz/public_html/mailhive/common/functions/price.php:26) in /home4/subcitiz/public_html/mailhive/common/functions/function_plugins/price.php on line 35 Can this be the problem? Jason
  9. Hey Everyone, this looks like a pretty cool contribution, if only I can get it to work. I uploaded the files/folders and changed the admin/includes/boxes/tools.php file. However, when I click on the admin/tools/mailbeez link, I just get a white, blank page. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks so much! I can't wait to start using this! Jason
  10. Thanks altoid! I tried the "paypal_standard.php FIX to decrement stock levels" code, but I always get a syntax error using his instructions. Hopefully, you or someone else will come up with a solution. Thanks, Jason
  11. I'm having this problem too. Can anyone help?
  12. Thanks Jack_mcs. With a little playing around I figured it out. For those who are experiencing the same problem where the index page meta info is controlling your categories and manufacturers meta info, just unclick the "root" button and click the "manufacturer" and "category" button on the index.php page under page control. That seemed to work for me. Thanks again, Jason
  13. How do you change this info? I haven't a clue how. I would like to change the meta and title info on the categories and manufacturer pages that was unknowingly changed by this contribution when I altered the index page. Thanks so much, Jason
  14. I wouldn't mind using this contribution to make the changes if I knew how. Is there a way to change the meta tag and title tags on my categories and manufacturers pages using this contribution?
  15. Sorry Jack_mcs. When I said "original method" i just meant the method I used before I installed this contribution. When you create a new manufacturer in admin, you have the ability to add the title and meta tag info then. Also, when I go to the index page in Page Control, the only two boxes that are checked is "product" and "root". Thanks Jack_mcs!