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    Hi, I have two problem where you enter the cupon codes at checkout (see picture) 1. The header of the text (MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_COUPON_HEADER) is in bold (that is where the mousepointer is over now), how to I remove the bold from the header text? I have searched and the only refernse to this is in the file "catalog/includes/modules/order_totalot_coupon.php" $this->header = MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_COUPON_HEADER; I can't find anywhere where this is set to bold. 2. Everytime I put the cursor on this text it become light blue, how do I remove that effect. Thanks
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    Master Products - MS2

    I have Master Products installed and have added LOTS of master & slave products (only the slave products can be added to the cart). My problem is that I have over 500 master & slave products and when my slave product has been assigned to master product 496 it also displays at master product 96 (497 is showing up at master product 97 etc...), why are the slave product showing up at both master product 496 & 96 when it should only show up on master product 496? I have the latest master product pack installed from 14 Sep 2006 (full pack install in one package). Please help!!!