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  1. pricelessimprinters

    Goofy Error

    lol - same error here. Thanks for the response...
  2. pricelessimprinters

    Enforce Attribute Select Contribution Help

    I thought I found it but it still did not work. I did make the above change below Option SHAPE OID=7 SELECTID=13 Please - can someone please help out thx
  3. I have the options & Select Name ID with all the correct ID #'s in the correct place but only the main Option name (color) works and not the other we have like (shapes, orientation). Do you keep adding if statements for each option to enforce? I had 4 we tried but only the first two worked. Also do you place a space between each line on these if statements? It seems to happen with the 3rd if statement afterwards in my javascript. http://awardsplaquestrophies.com/awards/pr.../products_id/33 - 2 forces work here http://awardsplaquestrophies.com/awards/pr.../products_id/35 - this 1 forced doesn't work but is coded correct? here are my attribute values - Option COLOR OID=1 SELECTID=5 Option ORIENTATION OID=6 SELECTID=12 Option SHAPE OID=2 SELECTID=13 My javascript if statements also run in this order also as shown below: Thanks for any suggestions or help anyone could give us, I can't get it to force the shape option which is needed. <script language="javascript"><!-- // az - Start Enforce Attribute Select function validate() { if (cart_quantity.elements['id[1]'].value == 5) { alert('Please select the color option from the menu.'); cart_quantity.elements['id[1]'].focus(); return false; } if (cart_quantity.elements['id[6]'].value == 12) { alert('Please select the orientation option from the menu.'); cart_quantity.elements['id[6]'].focus(); return false; } if (cart_quantity.elements['id[2]'].value == 13) { alert('Please select the shape option from the menu.'); cart_quantity.elements['id[2]'].focus(); return false; } } // az - End Enforce Attribute Select //--></script> PS.. It is a great contribution if I can more than 2 options to prompt. PPS... If I try to switch the shape & orientation IF statements - niether work and only color works. Thank you Steve
  4. pricelessimprinters

    [CONTRIBUTION] product setup fee

    I love this contribution but it does not add the setup fee total to the http://awardsplaquestrophies.com/awards/ch...onfirmation.php page during checkout. Evertything adds correctly until you hit this page during checkout in which our fee is not added to the total? To see the error please setup a test account. Thanks
  5. pricelessimprinters

    Goofy Error

    next time please post the fix - I am in the same situation with this thx
  6. pricelessimprinters

    [Contribution] Discount Coupon Codes

    Hello . I like you contribution and everything was smooth until we did a test order and hit the checkout_payment.php page which has the following errors? Could someone help me debug this tiny error. Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent (output started at /home/awardspl/public_html/awards/checkout_payment.php:2) in /home/awardspl/public_html/awards/includes/functions/sessions.php on line 97 Cart URL
  7. pricelessimprinters

    Quantity Price Breaks

    Thanks for the help - the fix works fine.
  8. pricelessimprinters

    Recover Cart Sales

    very nice contribution - this is much better than unsold carts report we had installed previously last year.
  9. pricelessimprinters

    Quantity Price Breaks

    Hello everyone I am using the version in which everything works fine except on our product info page in which when you try to add a different quanity in the box it only updates quanities by 1. If you do this through the shopping cart everything is fine though and updates to the amount you entered. Please test the QTY box at the bottom of this page to see the error only update 1 item no matter what qty you enter. http://awardsplaquestrophies.com/awards/pr....php/........28 Could someone help me solve this. I seen another member asked this also before but nobody ever answered that thread also so I never found their solution. Thanks again