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  1. hey steve, yah im using ms2 umm,..i just tried the replace on a fresh ms2 install and it didnt work either...i dont know..,,i will try it again... will see ;)
  2. anyone try to display feature the categories yet feature product = working feature manufacture = working feature categories = red x box tell me if your working
  3. you can just post what you have changed here so everyone can take a look
  4. something like a calander that will update daily (automatically or manually) for the prospective guests to see what rooms are available any idea ?? any input will be greatly appreciate
  5. keep getting Invalid Coupon Code when using gift voucher....also shipping address disappear in confirmation page :blink:
  6. use compare code software.. the diff file contain like 4 files codes in there use comapare it or beyond compare to pull codes out of the diff file B)
  7. oopps for got the link http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1136
  8. an update RMA is now avaliavle in contribtion section fixed the problem when customer return 2 or more items, the total is way off, its now display a correct total in both admin and customer account fixed to work with gift voucher. now you can issue credit gift voucher for the returned item with no error :) fixed date error, fixed fatal tep error, fixed parse error if you have enhanced it or fixed any other bugs please post your update
  9. Oopsss..please ignore my post :rolleyes: i got it fixed :D
  10. i installed version 510b but there is no option to redeem coupon at check out.. any idea??? :rolleyes:
  11. mrx2

    [Contribution] Ship In Cart

    why i keep getting this when log in???
  12. hi MaxiDVD ok i do ahve write permission to the dirtory but still the 3 images for Products Image Main Image used in catalog & description can not be delete or remove...but the 6 more images below work fine i can remove and delete all the images that the 3 main images above cant.. i try the older vesion then all images can be delete or remove but i got "warning no file uploaded" <_< also this weird problem say when you select an image for image 1 then go to preview and go back and remove it..then you select image 2 go to preview and the image 1 which you had removed show up again...is there a fix for this..anyone have this problem??? :rolleyes:
  13. how do i make the log off not show up without effecting the regular account..
  14. which one you recommend?
  15. mrx2

    Need Help!

    tep_array_merge ------- change to ---------->>> array_merge :P