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  1. Hi, I tried to open an image in your site, and it worsk, even though its very slow. You have to wait a little when the popup opens. It seems like the image path is not correct, cause I do not see the picture, just the pictureframe with the white page and red cross, if you know what I mean. If the path is corrected, so that it finds the image, it should show, but VERY slow.



    I know. The image doesn't load, that's the problem. Instead, I get the outline with a red X. With imagemagic off, it works fine. (Even though it passes through the ImageMagic code.) When I turn imagemagic on, it is extremely slow, and I never see an image.

  2. Could someone help with my Image Magic installation? I have installed it on my clients catalog, but the image processing is either VERY slow, or non-existent. To give it a try, go to http://www.dunamisink.com/catalog/. Click on any item. Click the Enlarge Image link. (Or just click the enlarge link under one of the pictures on the main page. Or click HERE.)


    I have created the Thumbnail folder, and it's CHMOD 777. It used to work with the product thumbnails, but even that fails. (I have disabled that feature.)


    Any thoughts off the top of your head? If you require information, let me know what and I'll look it up.