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  1. Yes, a spammer...

  2. Ok so clearly no one knew what I was on about so I've decided to change to another domain that still uses php4. Everything moved over and the site is working fine. Still loading products but should be live tomorrow. www.reboot.com.au I've been on a real learning curve! I'm really such a newbie! Would like to warn others that are looking at changing domains that have newer sql or php - Not a good idea! Oscommerce is not geared up for it at this time and I love Oscommerce (hey! it's free! and lots of great contributions!) Thanks anyway to those that looked at my request! Rosie
  3. OK I haven't heard from anyone and I've persevered with some advice from http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?sho...mp;#entry737657 I've changed the $this->products to $these_products and also changed the $this->info to $order and added the code $order_query = tep_db_query("select currency, currency_value from " . TABLE_ORDERS . " where orders_id = '" . (int)$order_id . "'"); $order = tep_db_fetch_array($order_query); as per someone else in the forum instructions. The above code is added to /includes/vendor_order_data.php after the comment at the top. The information now shows in "Order Information" but the Billing Information on the result page is missing... (i.e. the billing address and payment method don't show)... :blink: Any clues? Rosie
  4. Hi there I have moved everything from one domain to another and it is working beautifully. There were some issues (i.e. global registers etc) which I gather form the forums are re php 4 to php 5 changes. However with some research on the the forums I was able to solve the problems. Now at the final end of testing the site on the new domain I discover this little gem when a customer checks their orders in "Order Information". I found some talk of changing $this to $these which I did but the information on the "order information" page is missing billing information etc at the bottom...? :blink: This is what the actual error says: Fatal error: Using $this when not in object context in /home/rebootoz/public_html/RebootStore/includes/vendor_order_data.php on line 19 Then when I look at vendor_order_data.php line 19 is this: $index2 = 0; //let's get the Vendors $vendor_data_query = tep_db_query("select orders_shipping_id, orders_id, vendors_id, vendors_name, shipping_module, shipping_method, shipping_cost from " . TABLE_ORDERS_SHIPPING . " where orders_id = '" . (int)$order_id . "'"); while ($vendor_order = tep_db_fetch_array($vendor_data_query)) { $this->products[$index2] = array('Vid' => $vendor_order['vendors_id'], 'Vname' => $vendor_order['vendors_name'], 'Vmodule' => $vendor_order['shipping_module'], 'Vmethod' => $vendor_order['shipping_method'], 'Vcost' => $vendor_order['shipping_cost'], 'Vnoname' => 'Shipper', 'spacer' => '-'); Line 19 starts at $this-> My store is from the latest download from OS2.2 and has the latest version of MVS on it. Can someone PLEASE HELP!!! I've spent the whole day looking throught he forum for help but I can't see anything. Am I blind? Please help! Rosie
  5. Rebootoz

    PHP Fatal error: in vendor_order_data.php

    Hi there Can someone please help me with this? The website is working beautifully except for this problem? Thanks Rosie :blush:
  6. Rebootoz

    PHP Fatal error: in vendor_order_data.php

    Hey Rick I'm having the same problem! Did you get any solution yet? Thanks Rosie
  7. Jim you are a deadset legend !!! Thank you VERY VERY much! Did what you said and it worked a treat! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
  8. Hi there Newbee here... I have installed the latest osCommerce and then the MVS V1.0 and then TNT shipping module for Australia. Now for some reason I have the following fatal error coming up in my "Customers" area: "Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_hide_session_id() in /home/hidesco/public_html/Final/admin/customers.php on line 700" Any ideas? I have spent the last eight hours looking through the community forum and my head is spinning... Please help... Thanks Rosie