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    phi148 got a reaction from Stephan Gebbers in AIM Module - MD5 Hash Is Going Away. Is there an update?   
    I use the MD5 code and I highly suggest everybody else use the new method with the sha512 hash.  From a security perspective it is critical. 
    Is security optional? Yes.  However, why wouldn’t you take the extra five minutes to implement this for you and your customers security?
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    phi148 got a reaction from yungi in UPS Down?   
    I haven't noticed a change in speed since switching to XML.  I think it boils down to personal preference.  The XML module is nice in that it should be more accurate based on the fact that it takes L, W and H into account and ties directly into your own UPS account number and negotiated rates.
    Probably best practice to get both versions working so you can switch easily should this happen again.  We lost some sales because of it
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    phi148 got a reaction from Demitry in Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread   
    I do have it operational after working with @Demitry on merging all the changes in.  I think that Demitry may have been packaging up the changes to post an update to the community.  I'm not sure if he has that ready yet or not.
    If not, it just takes patience, testing and merging ... but it does work :)
    I think MVS should be part of the base OSCommerce package in my opinion!
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    phi148 got a reaction from Dan Cole in Authorize.net Advanced Integration Method (AIM) TLS 1.2 ?   
    The red box appears at that top of the page when there is an error, and the contents of the red box are directly populated from the error received from Authorize.net

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    phi148 got a reaction from discxpress in All Products SEO   
    Hmm... I seem to have the same problem.  Were you able to ever get it to display horizontally?
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    phi148 got a reaction from Demitry in Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread   
    Thanks.  Yep, found that too.  I'm actually modifying it as we speak :)
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    phi148 got a reaction from raiwa in [Contribution] iOSC - mobile version of OSC on your iPhone   
    I found a bug in the payment module "authorizenet_cc_aim.php".   This is important for those checking out with a mobile device.
    array('field' => tep_label_input_jquery('cc_cvc_nh-dns', '', MODULE_PAYMENT_AUTHORIZENET_CC_AIM_CREDIT_CARD_CCV, 'a', '', 'number'))));
    array('field' => tep_label_input_jquery('cc_ccv_nh-dns', '', MODULE_PAYMENT_AUTHORIZENET_CC_AIM_CREDIT_CARD_CCV, 'a', '', 'number'))));
    The variable name was incorrect.  "cc_cvc_nh-dns" should of been "cc_ccv_nh-dns"