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  1. Thanks everyone much appreciated for all the info and feedback!
  2. Hi I received an email today from that stated the following: Dear Authorize.Net Partner: As you may be aware, new PCI DSS requirements state that all payment systems must disable early TLS by 2018. In preparation for this requirement, Authorize.Net plans to disable TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 on the following dates: Sandbox: April 30, 2017 Production: September 18, 2017 We are disabling the sandbox in advance of production to allow you and your merchants time to test your solutions and ensure you are no longer using TLS 1.0 or 1.1. Please check the code for your solutions and systems to confirm that they can default to TLS 1.2 for your API connections. You can review our API Best Practices for details about TLS 1.2 platform support and other integration suggestions. Thank you for your attention to this matter and for being an Authorize.Net developer. Sincerely, Authorize.Net Does anyone know if this AIM package is TLS 1.2 compliant ?? Thanks!
  3. These show up on the order status in admin. Anytime a customer places an order, you can view the details of the transaction in the admin area of the store, in the order details. These errors are not displayed to the customer, they act as a warning only. They payments still go through. I just don't understand why all of a sudden I have to remove a dollar sign character, when for the past 2 years I never had a problem. I must of changed something, somewhere.
  4. Ok, so I fixed this, but I have no idea how or why it just happened. I found out the $order->info['total'] contained a dollar sign $. This character bombed during the tep_round call. So I did a simple string replace to fix it like so: // format prices without currency formatting function format_raw($number, $currency_code = '', $currency_value = '') { global $currencies, $currency; if (empty($currency_code) || !$this->is_set($currency_code)) { $currency_code = $currency; } if (empty($currency_value) || !is_numeric($currency_value)) { $currency_value = $currencies->currencies[$currency_code]['value']; } $number = str_replace('$', '', $number); return number_format(tep_round($number * $currency_value, $currencies->currencies[$currency_code]['decimal_places']), $currencies->currencies[$currency_code]['decimal_places'], '.', ''); } How in the world did this just pop up... hmmm
  5. I noticed just recently I was getting these errors: *** MD5 Hash Does Not Match *** *** Order Total Does Not Match Transaction Total *** Payments still go through. I started looking into the order total problem and using print statements I found out that this was failing: if ( $response['x_amount'] != $this->format_raw($order->info['total']) ) { $status[] = '*** Order Total Does Not Match Transaction Total ***'; } The "format_raw" function is always returning 0.00. Even though I have a valid value in $order->info['total'] Any clue how this would happen? // format prices without currency formatting function format_raw($number, $currency_code = '', $currency_value = '') { global $currencies, $currency; if (empty($currency_code) || !$this->is_set($currency_code)) { $currency_code = $currency; } if (empty($currency_value) || !is_numeric($currency_value)) { $currency_value = $currencies->currencies[$currency_code]['value']; } return number_format(tep_round($number * $currency_value, $currencies->currencies[$currency_code]['decimal_places']), $currencies->currencies[$currency_code]['decimal_places'], '.', ''); }
  6. I see the SIM, AIM and DPM but no CIM modules seem to be available?
  7. Hello all Has anyone successfully integrated MVS with a "Ship In Cart" addon? I have a shipping estimator working, but it pops up in a new window. I'd really like to integrate MVS with a Ship In Cart contribution instead. Like this one: I'm pretty sure somebody must of done this by now! Thanks!
  8. Has anyone succesfully integrated this with MVS? If so, I'd really like to see your versions of the "shipping_quotes.php" file Thanks!
  9. I found a bug in the payment module "authorizenet_cc_aim.php". This is important for those checking out with a mobile device. FIND: array('field' => tep_label_input_jquery('cc_cvc_nh-dns', '', MODULE_PAYMENT_AUTHORIZENET_CC_AIM_CREDIT_CARD_CCV, 'a', '', 'number')))); CHANGE TO: array('field' => tep_label_input_jquery('cc_ccv_nh-dns', '', MODULE_PAYMENT_AUTHORIZENET_CC_AIM_CREDIT_CARD_CCV, 'a', '', 'number')))); The variable name was incorrect. "cc_cvc_nh-dns" should of been "cc_ccv_nh-dns" Thanks!
  10. Thanks for the super fast reply Jim! No luck yet... I'll keep debugging and let you know what I find. Thank you sir!!
  11. Looking further, seems like deprecated mysql calls... Hmm... any thoughts on what the zipcode.class.php should look like with the new calls?
  12. Hi Jim, I almost have this ready... i think I'm getting closer. I also use MVS and I'm running 2.3.4. It appears in my MVS shipping module I need to call: the "closest" function passing both the destination zip code and the vendors ID. When I do that, I get the following error in my server logs: [11-Jun-2016 15:23:58 America/Chicago] PHP Warning: mysql_query(): Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO) in /home/xxxxx/public_html/includes/classes/zipcode.class.php on line 168 [11-Jun-2016 15:23:58 America/Chicago] PHP Warning: mysql_query(): A link to the server could not be established in /home/xxxxx/public_html/includes/classes/zipcode.class.php on line 168 Line 168 is in the "get_zip_point" function and is specifically this call: $r = mysql_query($sql); Any thoughts? Thanks!
  13. Hi Jack, Is there a way to change the double quote character to " in the meta tags description and keywords? I have double quotes in my descriptions and keywords, so that is messing up the html. Thanks!!
  14. So as of now, the freightquote shipping module only returns the "cheapest" rate. Has anyone modfied it to display all the rates returned from the various carriers? This would allow the customer to select which option they want, as shipping time in transit can vary between carriers.
  15. Not true, I run 1000's of quotes per month. This module has been my saving grace as I only deal in large freight. Just a FYI :)