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  1. 241 Thank You! Thank You! I found the section of code that needed to be changed and after pasting in the new code with reset all payment modules updated I'm on my way to going live and I can sleep well tonight Again thanks for your direction Gail
  2. the only area that will not update is the payment modules
  3. After having problems getting Paypal module to update I decided to try another payment option and I realized that my problem is not with the paypal module specifically but with all the payment modules not updating after editing and entering my info I edit - update - and nothing is saved Can anyone help I'm at my witt's end (keep in mind I'm very new to this and PHP) Thanks Gail
  4. Can anyone HELP me through my paypal module problem I am new to PHP and SQL and am trying to get my store online by next week but cannot get the payment module to take my paypal email address I would appreciate any input Gail
  5. Thank you OSC for the info but I am very new to SQL and PHP could you take me through the process more specifically from PHPMYADMIN Do I go to the configuration table and then run an SQL query?? Thanks in advance for your help Gail
  6. For my gift store I have chosen Paypal as the only means of payment in the payment module. When I choose paypal and edit --everything updates except my email address for my paypal acount. So when someone purchases an item it gets all the way through checkout but when you hit confirm order, and the Paypal page comes up it says YOU@YOURBUSINESS.COM in the header and (ERROR DETECTED - return to merchant) below. I have gone back to the payment module many times but it will not update and save my PAYPAL email address it always says YOU@YOURBUSINESS.COM Please help!