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  1. I have an idea, and I can't do the implementation myself. Make this in the admin section: Pulldown service (for example Google or oscommerce site) Pulldown items list text field searchbutton I take as an example this Internet site: http://demo.oscommerce.com and as a item: there's something about mary If you search "something about" then get you the following url: http://demo.oscommerce.com/advanced_search...something+about I also sell the DvD "there's something about mary" and in the pulldown I select this item, but firs the service (read: the competitor), text field is there should the competitor write it differently (for example there is something about mary) or I want to sell an item but the item is not in my catalog yet , and press the searchbutton to start the action. I have put Google here also because in Google the url becomes : http://www.google.nl/search?hl=nl&q=th...t+mary&meta = and there is something behind the search terms (&meta =) Add fields so you can also add a service (competitor), query_infront (http://www.google.nl/search?hl=nl&q =), query_after (&meta =) and the way in which the searchterm come's forward (have seen website's where query is something like this: http://www.google.nl/search?hl=nl&q=there%27s something about mary&meta = no plus sign between the words!!) or that you can only search on the first word (some website's have bad searchengine's!) Add a field that you can remove a service and then you can always look from the admin if a product is already sold at the competitor and if so, for which price. Also think about price compare website's (for example www.beslist.nl) Very helpfull if you want to add a product or look at the competitor through your own items. Does it sound any good? leave a reply.
  2. tuuk

    Margin Report v2.10

    Damn found another one! When you choose today, no data shows! Even though somebody bought something today. Checked the query and it gives the correct date: SELECT curdate() as time When you look at the yesterday query it gives SELECT DATE_SUB(curdate(), INTERVAL 1 DAY) as time which also gives the correct date. Anybody any idea? Greets
  3. tuuk

    Margin Report v2.10

    Hello I have been using this report also. I also added last year to the report (If anyone also wants that, let me know), but I've got a an issue. When I check the margin, it isn't always correct. It looks like when 2 items are in an order this happends, I've tested this on a virgin installed Oscommerce with Margin report. Added the DvD there is something about Mary (10 euro costst) and You've got mail (12 euro costs). Here is the result: Order ID 1 Items Sold 2 Sales Amount 84.98EUR Cost Gross 22.00EUR profit 62.98EUR Margin (%) 66% When you calculate the margin manually: (Sales Amount-Cost Gross)/Sales Amount it comes to 74% and not 66% Anybody any idea?
  4. Second contribution, maybe not the best coding, I know SQL, not so good in PHP, so maybe somebody can clean up the code. This contribute exports all your items in CSV format so you can import it in Exact Software Globe 2003 or Compact 2003. Enjoy! Ivan.
  5. Made a first contribution to Export customers to Exact Globe 2003 or Exact compact 2003 from Exact Software. It exports all customers to Exact, if anybody can change the code so a range can be selected, help is greatly appreciated. Hope anybody finds it usefull, it works for me. Enjoy! Ivan.