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  1. j0ker

    Wishlist 2.0 Support Thread

    Register globals on the server are off, however I have a php.ini file installed to the root of the site with register_globals = on in it which allows the site to work. :'( This is the only thing I have wrong with the site now, which is not allowing me to launch the site, I may have to rmove it altogether, which isnt what I want. Everuthing is being stored in sql as the infobox shows the stored wishlist items but not the wishlist page? Thx for any help
  2. j0ker

    Wishlist 2.0 Support Thread

    Major pain, I have installed this contribution a few times in the last few days everything works except the wishlist.php doesnt show the products I have added to it, my info box does show a list of added products, but the link to wishlist shows nothing in it, why? :'( My site is www.easypcs.co.uk very weird I ant see the problems I have added exactly what is needed but no joy, plz anyone any thoughts or previous problems with wishlist.php not showing added products?
  3. j0ker

    Terms And Conditions

    Hi Try a contribution called: Member_Approval_v1.1 I have used this a number of times no problems, great contrib, but you will have to change the page you need it to be displayed on as it defaults to checkout confirmation page. Regards
  4. j0ker

    Compliancy and code cleaning

    Hi this is a good post, some of the points raised almost forced me to find a simpler solution for my projects, I am not a programmer, but a designer and I was unable to figure quickly enough the front end design fast enough for my needs, until I found a contribution called Simple Template System, this has opened up all sorts of possible design doors, I now use TemplateMonster themes on most sites. I dont think posts like this are negative, but more a prompt to the folks that know, maybe to look in alternative directions and maybe see something they havnt. :thumbsup: I do not want this post to be taken negatively, however I can already see it happening after proof reading it. OSC is the best opensouce store out there and a fantastic idea. I hope to be able to contribute sooner than later, however I am still learning the ins and outs of it so I am truely not one to criticize. <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  5. j0ker

    My Skin Submission

    Nice start a lot to fix getting lots of missing images and jaggies on corner images, but well done good start finish it and I am sure people will request it.
  6. j0ker

    HELP!!!!!!! Coupons? Discounts?

    Or there is also a totalB2B solution which I have found more flexable, but both I think would suite your needs I think with no exceptions.
  7. j0ker

    Sends Email verification

    There is an email verification contribution, which verifies the users email account by sending them their login passoword instead of them defining their own, this is the only one I think, in conjunction with vvc above this is as good as it gets I think without bespoke php coder doing a fix for you how you would like it.
  8. As far as I can tell no, I have option type text fields and wishlist does not import, neither does it import attributes that I have seen, lol you question though did prompt me to check and I will maybe have to sort I think somehow.
  9. j0ker

    Wishlist 2.0 Support Thread

    I have it working now great, thx for all the help :thumbsup:
  10. j0ker

    Wishlist 2.0 Support Thread

    Thx for that redo on the wishlist problem I have, but I have done the changes and it works someways but it just wont add a product to the wishlist now, all i get now after clcking add is this on the page: No products are in your Wishlist Thx for your time/help great work. :thumbsup:
  11. j0ker

    Wishlist 2.0 Support Thread

    Th for the time on this fix, but it didnt wrk for me sorry, I have a very heavily modded osc and tried to put the snippets where they should go but all i got was nothing added to wishlist at all, any thoughts on this one? Many thx for the help, been away so couldnt respond sooner sorry. :thumbsup:
  12. j0ker

    HSBC secure-epayment module

    Same problem here, but I have installed module 3 and all setting are test setup, weird. :'(
  13. Has anyone got step by step instructions for this contribution for install in to a catalog with already a lot of contribs installed drop in I am affraid doesnt work for me. Thx in advance, and I know I can use compare software but instructions would also help. And also help on this I already have HTML WYSIWYG Editor in my site and this comes with both in the pages, phew this could take a long while, :'(
  14. hi i am getting this small error when I activate inactive products, Warning: Division by zero in /hsphere/local/home/slammink/slamminkicks.com/newshop/includes/functions/html_output.php on line 123 Warning: Division by zero in /hsphere/local/home/slammink/slamminkicks.com/newshop/includes/functions/html_output.php on line 124 This is the offending image url: http://slamminkicks.com/newshop/product_th...ure.gif&w=0&h=0 Any thoughts plz?
  15. I have been pointed in the general direction of the checkout_payment.php file to allow a certain module selected by default could anyone elaborate, I have no idea how to enable a payment mofule as the default module. I want cc to be selected as and when someone starts to enter cc details