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  1. ScottBlanton

    USPS Methods and South Korea

    I am using USPS Rate V4 Intl Rate V2 - ver R3.3. This was happening before the Sept 7 rate increase. a.forever, got it! I changed the way osCommerce had South Korea listed and that fixed the issue. Where can I see a list of how USPS has countries named? Need to see others that may need to be fixed. Thanks!
  2. ScottBlanton

    USPS Methods and South Korea

    All, I am unable to calculate rates to any address in South Korea. Other countries work fine. Anyone else have this issue? Thanks!
  3. ScottBlanton

    USPS Methods stopped working

  4. ScottBlanton

    USPS Methods stopped working

    Jim, Thanks! I was able to install the new module and things appear to be working. I was able to configure the options I needed and submit a test order. One thing I can't find or figure out, what do the checkboxes N, H, S represent in the Extra Services section? Thanks for you help! Scott
  5. ScottBlanton

    USPS Methods stopped working

    Hello, I am using an older version of osCommerce and USPS Methods and it just stopped working Monday night. Nothing on my side has changed in several months and I've sent an e-mail into the USPS Web Tools Customer Service group to see if something was wrong with my account. I am using OSC 2.2 and USPS Methods 5.2.1 Updated to July 28 2013 changes. The only service I have selected is USPS Priority mail. This is the error. -2147219385 - The requested Mail Service is not available for the specified request attributes. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  6. ScottBlanton

    Default Shipping option

    Hello, Working on getting the finer points to my new site the way I want them. I have a couple of shipping modules installed; USPS Methods 2.8, Flat Rate, and Customer Pickup (self pickup). My preference is to have USPS as the default method, but it always defaults to the $0 customer pickup. How can I change the default to be USPS? Thanks! Scott Blanton