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  1. birdsupplynh

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Solution was to move the file to my catalog directory.
  2. birdsupplynh

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    I am installing I am not getting notifications from paypal to ipn.php. I am getting 403 errors on the server so it seems to be access issues. Any tips on setting up .htaccess would be appreciated. Ideally I would want to only give access from the paypal servers. Paypal transactions are fine but can't get order emails sent or order status updated. Thanks,
  3. birdsupplynh

    USPS Module Help Please!

    Good Info from everyone as this went bad on Sunday. Called USPS support today and the so called support person said nothing had changed and to check with the shopping cart vendor. It's good to know they are right on top of things as we all know it was broken.
  4. I have done a local install which went well since based on MS2. I found the coupon creation at the bottom of Admin after looking at it a few times. I did a dummy order locally (no payment gateways). When it did the order it shows a discount amount but it is not subtracted from the total. When I view current orders is again shows the discount amount. Questions: 1. Is the correct amount billed thru the gateway? (Plan to authorize.net). 2. Should the real final amount show somewhere as the total minus the discount? 3. Can someone explain the sort order codes and how they work and what they mean? The GV docs mention values that I don't see how to set in the admin. (I have no taxes to be calculated.) Thanks
  5. I found the live site but I guess not much to see on the mod since it is all under the covers. Is is fair to say in the Admin for you can enter as many codes with their respective discounts as you need? Thanks
  6. I having been trying to find a live store using this contribution to see it in action before adding it. What I am hoping this contribution does is: 1. Allow anyone to enter a discount coupon code and get a predefined discount. 2. Buy a gift certificate and the system tracks that amount for whenever that user buys something. I presume it allows one person to buy it and another to apply to an account. Also, Has anyone combined this with the Customer Loyalty Discount mod? If they have has anyone worked out which discount is applied first and a way to only apply one of the discounts. Thanks,