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  1. angels2

    Links Manager II

    I came up with an easier way, it works beautifully: in catalog/links.php, find: <td class="pageHeading"><?php echo HEADING_TITLE_CATEGORIES; ?></td> Change it to: <td class="pageHeading"><?php echo $breadcrumb->last(); ?><?php echo //HEADING_TITLE_CATEGORIES; ?></td> Now the link category name appears instead of the word "Categories" :)
  2. angels2

    Links Manager II

    Yeah. I'm becoming a pest. Sorry about that. But when I click on one of the categories, the header says "Categories" instead of the name of the category. Is there a way to change it to the category name?
  3. angels2

    Links Manager II

    I have another quick question...how do I remove the black squares with no image in it if I don't want to upload a category image...?
  4. angels2

    Links Manager II

    How do I remove this text: TEXT_MISSING_VERSION_CHECKER ? It's currently appearing on the page admin/links.php, but I can't find anything in the source code that would be causing this?
  5. angels2

    Admin Approve Review Add On

    Never mind, I finally found one http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,76
  6. Does anyone know of an add on that lets the admin approve a review before it's posted, or is there something I can do to the code to make the review system function like this? Thanks!
  7. angels2

    US & Canada Shipping

    Could I possibly hire you?
  8. angels2

    US & Canada Shipping

    So I need to type out all 50 states, and however many provinces there are in Canada? I'm pretty new to this. Could anyone explain more "newbie-ese"? Is there an easier way to accomplish this? Thanks!
  9. angels2

    US & Canada Shipping

    Hi How do I set free shipping for US and Canada, and a flat rate for international?
  10. Anyone know how to get the h1 tags to show while using this...?
  11. I've done that too, and it seems to work ok, but the real problem occurs when the H1 tag doesn't show...do you know of a way to fix this?
  12. Uh...wait...now the title tag is missing? The meta title tag is there, but the regular one is gone :huh: Anyone know how to correct this?
  13. Wow, I found it, awesome! Never mind! :D
  14. I just installed this and it works pretty good, except, in the scrrenshots it shows where you can add keywords along with the product information, but when I add a new product I don't see a place to do that at all...what am I missing...?
  15. How do I add the title tags <?php // BOF: Header Tag Controller v2.6.0 if ( file_exists(DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'header_tags.php') ) { require(DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'header_tags.php'); } else { ?> <title><?php echo TITLE; ?></title> <?php } // EOF: Header Tag Controller v2.6.0 ?> to the login.php without getting all sorts of scary-looking error messages?? Everything was coming along beautifully, but then I added this to the login page (I thought I'd have a decent title instead of the default) and I get no such file, division by zero warnings in header_tags and everything else. pinch.gif Right now on the index page I have: Warning: Division by zero in /Catalog/includes/header_tags.php on line 23 Does anyone know what this is, or how I can fix it...? :sweating: