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  1. so someting that displays retail price and then your price and how much you saved???? on my site all i show is retail price which is listed in red....and my price Steve
  2. dont use it.....never worked with the current releases of OSC very well....i encountered the same prob....just undo what you did...
  3. nice likes...but i think i might modify it to make it look a bit differant...possibly place info in simple feilds might be a idea for the next release.. steve
  4. ah me have the stupid pills...hheheh im not sure why i not use to this board since i help with many differant boards....maybe it cause i am still use to the old board look for here and still trying to get use to it.... in my own due
  5. im still trying to get use to this system here.....getting there but almost
  6. yeah i know that....just didnt read his name until after i apoligize.....
  7. try getting the most current snapshot or updating your files that are older
  8. best just to stick with the menuing system we have now. I to beleive DHTML and Java will cause problems for not everyone uses the same browsers. Mainly OSC works with IE NutScrape, Opera and many others with no conflictions. Using DHTML will restrict users from using a easy to use navigation.