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  1. I have a problem with comparing mods. I've installed follow instructions from compare side by side mod (version 1.2) but it seems no work. demo: http://www.gogo.com.vn/ecommerce/ Two products added for testing. http://www.gogo.com.vn/ecommerce/products_new.php Any advices for me ? I'm using this mod before, everything's work fine: http://www.thoitrangmobi.com/shop/ Thanks alot
  2. Thanks for great contribute i'm looking for. I will install into my shop then let you know. http://www.thoitrangmobi.com/shop/ Thanks, XzZzX
  3. XzZzX

    osCommerce Catalog

    Thanks, I'm looking for a long time for your contribute. I will let you know when I finish install it. THanks again, XzZzX
  4. Hi, I'm an newbie. I wanna use "compare .." contribute but don't know which latest file for installation ? I found much files for update ! Thanks [ XzZzX ]
  5. XzZzX

    Compare products

    Hi, I've search for a long time in some categories from contribute section but can't see, if someone have installed and used it before, please give me some advices !!! Thanks
  6. Hi, Please give me some contribute for comparing between 2 products information such as mobile website. Thanks alot, XzZzX
  7. Fatal error: Failed opening required 'functions/header_tags.php' (include_path='') in /home/sites/site5/web/catalog/includes/application_top.php on line 26 I rewrite with Matt code but still no work, please help me how to fix this ??? I'm using Header Tags Controller v2.0. :(