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  1. Has anyone tried using imagemagick with OSC2Nuke, (OSCommerce for PHPNuke? Will it work?
  2. SubEclipse

    Contribution 2094 - Image resize

    bump... I really could use some help with this. Thank you
  3. SubEclipse

    Contribution 2094 - Image resize

    Hello all, I am using osc2nuke, (a modulized version of oscommerce on a phpnuke website) , and I'm trying to implement this contrib. As soon as I update the tep_image function, my site goes down. All I can get is a solid white screen. I have read through this support forum, and I've thouroughly read through the instructions numerous times without any luck. I'm confident that imagemagick its self is working properly, as I use it with the Gallery2 module flawlessly. I've also contacted my webhost to ensure that I'm using the correct path to the imagemagick directory. Any help is greatly appreciated.