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  1. Greetings! I've been cranking on an osCommerce site for about a week now. Had it running perfectly on my local server but when I migrated it to the live server I found a nagging problem. To cut a long and painful story short: PROBLEM: Page loading freezes on checkout_shipping.php (when you begin the check out procedure) CONDITIONS: Problem only manifests if USPS Methods v1.5 is enabled AND "show transit times" is enabled AND country = US (shop country zone is set to US) ENVIRONMENT: osCommerce2.2MS2 Basic Tempalte System 1.0 USPS Methods 1.5 While I've got it working now (disabled USPS "show transit times") I lost a whole day on this, and am now distracted by the fact I've hacked around it instead of figuring out the problem. If any osComm wizards would offer a guess I would very much appreciate it, thanks!
  2. monsoon

    Purchase Without Account

    Still having probs? Right click on the link and "save as". Then rename the download file to "Order_Info_Process.php" This looks like the patch, just that one file. It'll probably be fixed by the time anyone reads this! :wink:
  3. This is by far one of the most useful mods I have seen. From my experience, I had a seamless install, here are the steps I took: 1. Installed a clean OSCommerce2.2 MS2 2. Download BTSv1.zip 3. Install according to instructions included with BTSv1.zip 4. Download the BTS Patch 5. Install according to instructions. Bingo, worked like a charm first time! I've yet to actually make any template mods, but I can see the way it has been laid out that it should be far less painful to modify than the out-of-the-box experience. I'll be using BTS with osCommerce short of a full-on Smarty integration, or the release of the next milestone with the official template system. Thanks Brenden, nice one.