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  1. Dutch1

    2.4 Series

    Does it also use mysqli? Another reason I was trying to get a newer version. The latest stable is quite outdated, and I don't want to modify an out of date package. The out of the box feel for new users is still a bad experience as the password and .htacces instructions are misguided and lacking. Is it a bug to be reported or is this in the design, for new shop owners frustration? I don't know. I am not new to osCommerce have been modifying it for years, but these problems have been around for years also. I just read the forums and can see that there is a lot of frustration with the latest version. When versions take too long to release they become out of date before they are released. Wasted a weak on outdated stuff already how much more time should I waste?
  2. Dutch1

    2.4 Series

    Thanks for taking the time to address this issue, it is a showstopper for many, and you are right the stable version should work out of the box. Thanks again for making that happen! Dutch1
  3. Dutch1

    2.4 Series

    I did as suggested and downloaded the latest "stable" version. This is what I got: Complains of missing MySQL extension, which is there! #368 This was a problem over 2 years ago and has not been fixed, hense the reason I wanted the beta version because I don't want to wade through all the problems that don't get fixed. I will say it here osCommerce is junk and the core has issues that don't get fixed. So if anyone wants to start with osCommerce with the latest and greatest supposedly stable supported edition get ready to wade through the forums to correct things that others have posted fixes for but nevertheless don't get fixed.
  4. Dutch1

    2.4 Series

    As you have both mentioned and as I have read and am fully aware. I was interested in the Beta version but I could only get 2.4.0 working. So here is my feedback: if you want to do Beta testing, then here is a bug for the core. If it can't update itself, then that needs to be fixed. I rest my case. If you are interested in getting others to test, then maybe the previous posts by others, saying there was a problem with updating, should have been addressed. Good day.
  5. Dutch1

    2.4 Series

    Yes, I have read all that. Here is my latest attempt with a fresh install: v2.4.2 (Monday 21 November, 2016) Error! Could not connect to the osCommerce Website to download the update package. Please try again.
  6. Dutch1

    2.4 Series

    I have been using osCommerce too long 14 years very heavily modified multi store with purchase orders (why would osCommerce not care about replenishing stock?) Anyway, I host my own servers and have run into compatibility issues for security. My servers runs the latest version of PHP so I thought I would dowload 2.4 Joli and start all over again and modify it to suit my needs, but as usual osCommerce is junk. When downloading 2.4 beta from the web-site it does not download the latest version. You have to click on version check and this is what I get. The forums also show that this is a common problem. v2.4.2 (Monday 21 November, 2016) Error! Typical osCommerce, i updated the version text file to 2.4.1 and still it errors. Why isn't there a link to download and install the latest version? Why can't I update it manually Sick of this! running osCommerce v2.2 RC 2a modified by me.
  7. Dutch1

    UPS is working but weight is strange

    It's the Tare Weight in the admin panel under shipping ups edit